Rules for the automated driving license for bikes |

List of motorized driving license for motorcycles Motorized bikes and e-motorcycles are unattractive for testing April 1, 2021 brought the extension of the new driver’s license with key number B197. Here’s dusting off your antique automatic driver’s license. Motorcycles may have been forgotten, and the 1986 regulation still applies here. Welcome to the future. In … Read more

Share greenhouse gases as premium electrical motorbike |

Owners of electric scooters and electric motorbikes can make money with the share of reducing greenhouse gases by selling CO2 certificates. This is also possible for vehicles with a speed of 45 km / h. Certificate trading is the key word. For years, Tesla made billions selling carbon credits. Since 2015, the greenhouse gas quota … Read more

There is no such thing as a college dedication in France, Denmark and Finland

EU regulation on technical testing of motorcycles France is now implementing the regulation The European Union has decided on the Uniform Regulations for Technical Testing of Motorcycles / Scooters. Denmark and Finland are not participating. France resisted for a long time, but it will now begin in October 2022. Once a motorcycle is registered in … Read more

Extra e-bikes and e-scooters in Europe in 2022

New registrations for electric cars increase in Europe Over 150% growth in Germany The smaller the motorcycle, the more widespread the electric motor. But the European market is also growing for electric scooters and larger e-scooters. In Germany even more than 150 percent. In the first quarter of 2022, the European motorcycle market will have … Read more