– do it your self or knowledgeable – what does it take to restore a automotive?

At least that was the thought many years ago, when cars were a little simpler and knowledge of engines and electronics was more prevalent. However, in the past twenty years, cars have changed so much that this is simply no longer possible. So what is the decision today when it comes to auto related business? … Read more

promote your artwork as an NFT

Creation and sale of NFT – the most important thing in a nutshell There are many different online marketplaces where artists can sell their work as NFT. NFTs can now be created for free in many markets. Fee is charged only upon sale. In principle, anyone can create NFTs. Selling NFT requires a crypto wallet … Read more

An exhibition of the work of Manfred Fuchs beginning this Saturday on the Princeshaus Gallery in Mannheim

The numerous colors that seem to literally explode, that sparkle intensely, and so friendly, in red, orange, yellow and blue, instantly reveal their own radiance. They change the room, but also the people, because they also shine, they are enthusiastic, friendly and in a good mood. AdUnit Mobile_Pos2 AdUnit Content_1 art Charity Auction: These works … Read more

Estimate 200 Million: Christie Warhol Marilyn Auctions – Tradition

There are moments when the art market seems to believe in its propaganda. One such moment is Christie’s auction house in New York comparing Andy Warhol’s color print “Shot Sage Blue Marilyn” to the Mona Lisa. In order to be able to recall a 1964 Warhol edition with an estimated price of $200 million, the … Read more