Conflux Know-how and GKN Additive collaborate within the improvement, design and …

05/26/2022 – 18:41 GKN . powder mining Bonn, Germany, June 1 /PRNewswire/ Conflux Technology and GKN Additive collaborate to develop, design and produce 3D printed heat exchanger solutions for European customers. Conflux and GKN Additive today announced their collaboration in the development, design and production of 3D printed heat exchanger solutions in Europe. 3D-printed heat … Read more

Börse Categorical – Durchblicker: Fastened prices can turn out to be a debt lure for each fifth family

The time for cheap credit is over: loan interest rates are already overBy up to 1.5 percentage points Blicker expert Martin Spona anticipates up to three price increases throughout the year Every seventh household finances fixed costs with an installment loan or an overdraft – every sixth finds it difficult to obtain a consumer loan … Read more

Police abstract after checking a bike in Arber – Regensburger Nachrichten

At the weekend, motorcycle checks took place in Lohberg near Arber. The police had to punish many violations. For three drivers, the trip ended after the check. Tips for a safe trip! In order to raise awareness of a driving style adapted to an individual’s ability, appropriate protective equipment and a motorcycle compliant with the … Read more

Windy Public sale: Abramovich draped over this deal

stormy auction Abramovich got rich with this deal By Jan Ginger 03/16/2022, 6:16 pm With the collapse of the Soviet Union, Roman Abramovich sells plastic toys. A few years later, he laid the foundation for his fortune at an oil company auction. Roman Abramovich is a typical Russian oligarch. He became very rich by dubious … Read more

Bike rider Weinke celebrates eighth place in the beginning of the season

Motorcycle rider Weinke celebrates eighth place at the start of the season 05/11/2022, 18:26 | Reading time: 2 minutes Close duels at high speeds: Justus Weinke (right) holds his standoff against competition at the Lausitzring. Photo: Tobias Gercke/Oh Shipkaw. MotoGP rider Justus Weinke scored the first points at the German … Read more

Noise and frenzy: ‘We attraction to the minds of motorcyclists’

Present On Sunday, the city of Attendorn and Sauerland’s motorcycle friends invited a roadside dialogue. What are the regulators all about? Heldener Straße between Attendorn and Repetal is popular with motorcyclists. Unfamiliar cyclists love showing off what their high-horsepower bike is made of on a winding 697 country road and letting the engines roar. As … Read more