Waldshut-Tiengen/Bonndorf: Blue gentle report: Motorcyclist critically injured in accident in Steinatal

Bondorf: A motorcyclist seriously injured in an accident

A motorcyclist had a serious accident on Saturday 4 June on L 159 in Steinatal near Bonndorf. According to police, the 27-year-old overtook another motorbike around 3:25 p.m. He was apparently too fast, so he braked hard before turning. He lost control, ran off the road and crashed into a bridge. The motorcyclist was seriously injured. He was taken to the hospital by rescue helicopter. The motorcycle was badly damaged. Police estimated the property damage at around 6,000 euros.

Wilheim: Significant property damage after alleged lightning strike

In Weilheim-Brunnadern, according to police, an alleged lightning bolt struck an apartment building early on Saturday morning, June 4, during a thunderstorm. The fire department was called at about 4:30 a.m. There was no open fire, but all electrical installations in the house were destroyed. In addition, part of the roof and facade was damaged. Damage to property is to the police several tens of thousands of euros. Residents fled in panic and were able to return after firefighters searched the house for heat sources.

Tiengen – Damage to parked cars twice – Police looking for witnesses

Police are looking for eyewitnesses to two accidents in Tenjin. Between Friday evening and Saturday morning, June 3 and 4, an unknown car collided with a Kia Rio that was parked on the Chales-Stras. The left front of the Kia car parked on the side of the road was damaged, and police said property damage amounted to 3,000 euros.

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Waldshut / Bundorf

Through Steinatal at speed 168 – Police checked motorcyclists in Bonndorf during Pentecost

During a Pentecost event, motorcyclists in the Bundorf area were screened.  (Icon picture)

According to the police, the second escape was committed in the parking lot of the Industriestrasse shopping center. On Saturday, June 4, between 4:15 pm and 5 pm, an Opel Mokka was parked there. It is assumed that a green vehicle caused damage to the Opel on the passenger side when parking or leaving. Without caring about the damages of about 5,000 euros, the driver in charge left the site, the police continues. Waldshut-Tiengen Police Station hopes to obtain information from witnesses, tel. 07751/831 60.

Dettighofen: Van goes off the road – two injured

Two occupants of a pickup truck were slightly injured in an accident that occurred Monday night, June 6th on L 163 between Detegofen and Justin. According to police, the 19-year-old driver lost control of his vehicle at around 2:25 a.m. on a curve after hitting the green edge. The truck went off the road and stopped at a stream. Two of the four passengers sustained minor injuries and were taken to hospital. The car had to be recovered by a tow truck. In addition to the rescue service and the police, firefighters were deployed with a vehicle.

Bondorf: Suspected drunk driving ends in complete loss

A driver suspected of being under the influence of alcohol caused the complete loss of Flight L 159 in Steinatal near Bonndorf on Saturday night, June 4. As reported by police, the 27-year-old left the road shortly after 1:30 am and crashed into a rock. While the driver was not hurt, the car was badly damaged. According to the police, the damage to property should amount to about 8,000 euros. The driver admitted to falling asleep. The report says its supposed alcohol content of about 1.9 per thousand may have played an important role. A blood sample was taken.

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