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The new Mercedes GLC: more space, more technology

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The GLC is one of the best selling cars worldwide. Inside and out, designers have now significantly given a helping hand to the third generation.

Mercedes is relaunching the GLC.

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In September, the third generation Mercedes GLC will be available at dealerships. The mid-range SUV has grown by six centimeters and clearly stands out from its predecessor with a new front grille, new taillights, revised body panels and other details. In addition, 4Matic all-wheel drive is now standard.

The GLC will initially be offered with three combustion engines (GLC 200, GLC 300 and GLC 220 d). All four cylinders are now electrified – as a mild hybrid, equipped with an integrated starter alternator (ISG). This should reduce consumption and therefore carbon dioxide2-Improve values ​​and increase driving dynamics. c, which is optimized from 0.31 to 0.29, also contributes to thisW-Value in.

Three plug-in hybrids planned

At the end of the year, three PHEVs will complete the family, as well as two petrol and one diesel engines (GLC 300e, 400e and 300de). AMG version is also striped.

And of course there will be a more elegant coupe version later. The SUV’s PHEV battery, known internally as the X 254, is larger and more powerful than its predecessor. With the purely electric range more than doubled to more than 100 kilometres, day trips must be managed purely on electricity.

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“We have increased the capacity of the cells by twice over 100 cells, mainly by achieving a slightly larger voltage range. For further optimization, more sensors are triggered and cells can recover better than before,” the hybrid drive developer explains, Matthias Kloepfer. The manufacturer writes the battery management software themselves.

The new GLC: a longer wheelbase

With the changes, the GLC is making a huge leap forward, especially when it comes to comfort and safety features. This is also reflected in the optics. The new SUV was expanded even more, but the height and width remained the same.

Of a total of six centimeters, three benefit from a trunk that increases to 600 liters in an increase of 50 liters. With the rear seats folded, a maximum load of 1600 liters can be carried out. Nice thing: The easy-to-remove roll-up blind can be stored in the trunk of the mild hybrid in a purpose-built recess in the bottom of the trunk.

With the PHEV, there is less space due to the battery, and the luggage compartment still holds 460 liters. The wheelbase has grown by 1.5 cm, which mainly benefits the rear. In terms of equipment levels, there will be an Avantgarde line as standard or an AMG line for an additional cost.

For all mobile life situations

The GLC should be an all-in-one vehicle for all mobile situations. In the future, the GLC driver will be able to maneuver more easily with the optional rear axle steering, reducing the turning circle on the rear axle by about 90cm to 10.90m thanks to a steering angle of 4.5 degrees. The rear axle steering is always linked to the air suspension and level control system.

For those who like to go off-road with their expensive GLC, the SUV has what’s known as the “transparent bonnet” as new: a 360-degree camera appears on the center display as the car is heading.

Big boulders, deep pits or even steep cliffs: a preview of what’s coming after the horizon can be seen almost in advance at speeds of up to 8 km/h and the flight can be adjusted accordingly. The new safety feature also shows the front wheels and steering position.

Infotainment: improved MBUX

The MBUX infotainment system is now more digital and smart, according to the manufacturer. Gone are the days of round machines. They had to make way for a high-resolution LCD screen. The center display above the center console tilts slightly towards the driver, is elegantly integrated into the center console and is easy to control – either as a touch screen or using the well-known “Hey Mercedes” voice control.

Everywhere it has been improved, the car now, for example, recognizes the type of trailer with its axle load and recommends the most appropriate route based on this. The 64 possible hues of the surrounding environment are new and more resourceful than useful.

Price starts from over 50,000 euros

For the new GLC, its owner will have to pay about 6000 euros more in the future, even in the base model. This form will start at more than 50,000 euros. However, Mercedes-Benz has not yet provided exact prices. According to Swabians, the jump in price can be explained by more standard equipment.

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Above all, things that most buyers requested anyway have been grabbed from the greatly shortened list of options now in the chain. However, perhaps the idea of ​​winning also played a not insignificant role.

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