Corona Virus / Heilbronn: Automobile restore in a automobile workshop – what’s allowed?

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What auto repairs are allowed under the coronavirus pandemic? Talking to a Heilbronn auto workshop.

  • The Connection Restrictions in Corona virus pandemic Restriction of public life Heilbronn On a large scale, only a few stores are open.
  • Moreover Auto repair workshops Allowed to open, but what repairs and services are allowed to local Workshop To view?
  • talking to one Main Auto Workshop Outside Heilbronn It summarizes the most important legal positions at the present time auto repair case briefly together.

Corona Virus / Heilbronn: Car repair in the Corona crisis – car workshops are open

The coronavirus pandemic in Baden-Württemberg is attracting a number of Preventive measures With himself that public life in Heilbronn severely restricted. This means that most stores are closed, and only drugstores, grocery stores and drugstores are open to visitors.

And also car workshops May continue urgent Auto Repair performance and therefore it is open. but who repairs Can still be done in connection with the ban on communication in Baden-Württemberg? Tire change, inspection, or just TÜV? inquire.

Coronavirus / Heilbronn: TÜV in the Corona crisis – this is the current situation in BaWü

Every two years, TÜV is owed on the vehicle. But what about during the coronavirus pandemic? Are there any appointments at all?

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The truth is: everyone car Must apply every two years (exception: new vehicles). main inspection, which are carried out by TÜV, Dekra or GTÜ. And if you’re at least two months past your due date, you usually risk getting a ticket. Although it is recommended Federal Ministry of Transport (BVM) Countries – In Corona virus time – , Overdraft from two to four months from the receivable main inspection It is not punishable, but in the end it is a state thing.

in Car workshop From Thomas Power in Heilbronn Will TÜV . inspection still implemented. “It’s still possible to make appointments,” Bauer explains. demand. Also when it comes to minimum distance, there is Workshop Not a problem. Bauer: “Most of the time, customers already notice the distance rule themselves. The presence of a protective film on the steering wheel also prevents employees from getting injured Coronary pathogens.

Interesting: According to SWR information, there are large test centers Germany (TÜV, Dekra and GTÜ) for compliance with road safety Officially required. This means: the main tests and exhaust gas tests in general may not be rejected.

Corona Virus / Heilbronn: Visiting the workshop despite Corona – can I still go for a tire change?

Changing a tire during the Corona virus period: Is it possible to schedule an appointment for the workshop?

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Now it is known: no contact in Corona virus pandemic stay for the time being. To annoy many motorists who Workshop Already a date change tires agreed. How is the judgment here? Basically: Necessary repairs In the car It may still be performed. subordinate change tires included in this formula. like that cosmetic repairs Like visiting a car painter.

But beware: the general rules apply to these “necessary fixes” too Connection Restrictions. Call: Minimum distance And limit personal contact to what is absolutely necessary. Farmer: “In my country Workshop I often have a phone call or email with clients anyway. “Alternatively, it is also possible to stay with me for a few weeks longer winter tires I have to go. “This is not usually a problem,” explains the lead mechanic Heilbronn. Reason: Unlike “summer tires in winter”, “winter tires in summer” are legal. Corrosion can only be accelerated here.

Coronavirus / Heilbronn: New car and manufacturer warranty – Attention: Warranty loss

As a rule, the manufacturer’s warranty on new vehicles is linked to service checks. Is there an exception in the Corona crisis?

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It gets more complicated with a file Manufacturer’s warranty New and used cars. As a rule, the manufacturer writes service . time interval Before that car in Workshop needs to be inspected. If not, you may be risking yourself warranty claim. Like that, however, in Corona virus time It is not clearly explained in legal terms.

subordinate German Automobile Club (ADAC) explains in the SWR: “If the maintenance period is now pending, you should contact the guarantor before it is exceeded and Opinion Catch up ‘Tip: It’s better to leave this opinion in written formGive. In the event of a dispute, the manufacturer’s statement can be proven in court. In the end, however, the following also applies here: Searching operations in Corona virus pandemic Basically possible.

Corona Virus / Heilbronn: Exit restrictions also affect car workshops

This was also confirmed by Thomas Bauer, the owner of his house Workshop in Heilbroner Austraße operates: “Currently we have a lot of free appointments because customers are located in Corona virus time tends to move away.” According to Bauer, one of the reasons for this is the decrease in Traffic Accidents A general call to stay at home. In this regard, all those who have already Tire change date She missed it.

And if you currently need an appointment, you may benefit from short waiting times. A world turned upside down when you consider that the general shortage of skilled workers in Heilbronn would otherwise result in complete order books and long customer waiting times.

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