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Akoudis: “Building bridges through technology transfer”

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Automakers align their business models with a sustainable, data-driven future. This change requires more efficient and digital processes in development. Senior Vice President Peter Mehrl explains the role he wants Accordis to play.

Peter Mehrl

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Mr. Mahral, ​​after Adecco acquired Akka, the development services provider merged with Modis. Since February of this year, the company has been operating under the name “Akkodis”. How is the new player positioned in the market, especially in Germany?

As a leader in the smart industry, Akkodis brings together global expertise in information technology, engineering services, resources and solutions. Our wide range of services is a true unique selling proposition that we convince clients all over the world. With around 7,600 employees in Germany, we help solve one of the most important challenges in the automotive industry: the imbalance between supply and demand in the relevant area of ​​expertise.

What exactly do you mean by “smart industry”?

As a smart industry, we understand the relationship between basic engineering and information technology. We are extending the integration of these two topics to include high-tech topics of communication, big data and associated skills such as data analysis and software development. We combine resources and research and development expertise to put the industry on the right track for a sustainable future. Sticking to the motto of “Engineering a Smarter Future Together”, Akkodis is committed to a smarter future.

Do you have a current example of a smart industry project?

A recent example of our comprehensive suite of services is the collaboration with the Mercedes-EQ Formula E-Team. We are the team’s official engineering partner and serve as the innovation partner for the ABB FIA Formula E World Championship. Due to the great success of this partnership, it has been expanded to include the Mercedes-AMG Petronas Formula One team. As part of the Mercedes-Benz Sustainability Advisory Board, we also support OEM’s 2039 Sustainability Strategy.

Multimedia vehicle system can be used
The multimedia vehicle system “Flexmove” can be used on the road and on rails with autonomous driving functions.

(Photo: Akkodis)

How do you deal with change in the auto industry?

In-car and out-of-car software solutions and services are becoming more important – and for a variety of reasons. The focus of the automotive industry is increasingly shifting from a product-oriented approach to a customer-oriented approach. At the forefront are services that provide customers with measurable added value. With over 30 years of experience in automotive technology, which we bring to the table from Akka and Modis, we are an important partner for our customers throughout the entire development phase of new vehicles.

You have just identified the pressure to innovate in the industry. How can you always be on top here?

Personally, I am convinced that we must always remain dynamic. In order to advance new developments we have to question concepts and develop new solutions. This is how new technologies are created. I see the advantages of Akkodis in two main points: On the one hand, we have a very flexible project-based structure. With a lean organizational structure and excellent project managers, we can quickly deliver tailor-made solutions to clients. On the other hand, we live in a strong innovation culture. Then we also implement the new developments and concepts internally in our research department and show what might be possible in the future.

What role does technology transfer play in the industry?

Technology transfer is the basis for building a bridge towards the future. In our “Flexmove” mobility concept, we’re rethinking urban mobility: the multimodal vehicle system can be used on the road and on rails with autonomous driving functions. The transfer of technology between transportation systems creates an entirely new networked, sustainable and secure mobility system delivered in the form of a mobility as a service solution. Knowledge transfer, that is, the concrete application of new research findings to industrial practice, drives us over and over again.

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Dr. Peter Mehrl is Senior Vice President of Acodis in Germany. The 39-year-old studied Industrial Engineering at TU Kaiserslautern and ENSGSI in France. From 2013 to 2020, he received a PhD in Business Administration from the University of Gloucestershire. Mahral started his career in 2008. He accompanied Akka’s acquisition of MBtech and then moved to the service provider’s financial regulation, where he held various positions. Among other things, he served as CFO of the acquired Gigatronik Group in 2017 and CFO of Akka Germany since November 2017. Recently, he served as CEO of Akka Technologies.

Talents in the field of IT and Engineering are currently in great demand. How can you attract the right experts?

On the other hand, the combination of Akka and Modis created a strong player with great personal strength. With a global talent pool of more than 50,000 highly skilled digital engineers and experts, we help our clients accelerate their time in the market. Our digitally supported recruitment service is based on a comprehensive and unique scorecard system, which is complemented by in-house training programs installed in our academies. This is how we attract the best professionals in the world and support them in their further training or retraining.

On the other hand, we help companies in the automotive sector attract new professionals in a highly competitive environment. We also support companies in additional training and retraining of their employees so that they are well prepared for future challenges.

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