Jack Miller (Ducati / VI): “Like a distinct motorbike” / MotoGP

Jack Miller, a factory Ducati rider, immediately found the feeling he lost on Sunday in Monday’s Barcelona test. However, the new disguise did not play a major role.

Jack Miller was frustrated after 14th place in the Catalunya GP and massive problems with the hard rear tire. Monday’s test was much better again, unlike the race, 1:39 was achieved.

“Today was a lot better than riding a different motorcycle,” JackAss said on Monday afternoon. “In the morning I was instantly fast, I felt comfortable on the bike. The medium tire I used half the day wasn’t perfect. But the other two were great.”

What is different compared to Sunday? “We replaced the rear wheels and it was great. That’s it. In the morning I rode the exact same bike as in the 1:39 minute race. It’s frustrating, of course, but this is motorcycle racing and you have to try to get the best out of every situation,” said the 27-year-old.

The Ducati factory rider spoke to Michelin technicians after the race, do you have anything interesting to say? “Not right. I think that stretch is the problem [mit den Unterschieden] Between the tires has really pulled. It’s something they are working hard on. trying to eliminate it. One thing is for sure: It wasn’t the right decision to choose a solid rear tire. Everything looked great on paper and the tips we received were pointing in the right direction. He said dryly.

Commenting on Monday’s test, Miller explained: “We’ve been playing in the setup and I think we’ve put ourselves in a position where I feel comfortable. But it’s hard to say because there’s a lot of wear on the track. Well, it was hot, but the track is definitely on a better day. Monday,” the three-time MotoGP winner said, looking at the one-day testing schedule.

What caught the eye at the Ducati camp was the new fairing, which was tested not only by the factory riders but also by Enea Bastianini and at the end of the day delivered to Luca Marini for four laps. It looks more pointed at the front and is slightly larger than the standard 2022 version. Camouflage has “positive and negative sides”, Miller tried to use the usual test phrase.

When asked, the Australian explained: “I don’t have any issues behind the other board either, but my body, shoulders and especially biceps get a lot more wind. But the bike is easier to steer. With that much more aerodynamics, it’s a cross between this year and last year, you don’t deliver Lots of drag with your body but you sacrifice a little bit in the corners. That’s why I say there are pros and cons. It can work on some tracks and not on others.”

MotoGP test result, Barcelona (6 June):

1. Quarteraro, Yamaha, 1:39.447 min
2. Bagnaia, Ducati, 1:39.451
3. Zarco, Ducati, 1: 39.500
4. Alex Espargaro, Aprilia, 1: 39.558
5. Paul Espargaro, Honda, 1:39, 688
6. Miller, Ducati, 1:39742
7. Vinales, Aprilia, 1: 39.780
8. Morbidley, Yamaha, 1: 39.795
9. Bastianini, Ducati, 1: 39.844
10. Di Gianantonio, Ducati, 1: 39.963
11. Brad Bender, KTM, 1:33.998
12. Joanne Meyer, Suzuki, 1: 40.027
13. Marini, Ducati 1: 40.047
14. Oliveira, KTM, 1: 40.088
15. Gardner, KTM, 1: 40.197
16. Alex Marquez, Honda, 1: 40.335
17. Bradle, Honda 1:40.474
18. Peru, Ducati, 1: 40.610
19. Dovizioso, Yamaha, 1: 40.627
20. Darren Bender, Yamaha, 1: 40.746
21. Besqui, Ducati, 1: 40.765
22. Fernandez, KTM, 1:41.144

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