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With the electric Taycan, Porsche managed the small feat of being the first manufacturer to achieve slightly faster acceleration than the then-unbeatable Model S — even after Tesla gave it higher performance with a software update. But with the subsequent performance Plaid, it was done again, because on the straights it is only surpassed by the electric supercar Rimac Nevera for clearly seven-figure prices. And as a new video shows, even the Model X with the new Plaid engine accelerates faster than the fastest Porsche combustion engine – even when it’s fully occupied by six people.

Tesla is quickly catching up with Porsche

Porsche introduced its classic 911 in the eighth generation, internally referred to as the 992, and it’s all that combustion engine technology still offers today. In the top-of-the-line version of the Turbo S, the twin-turbo six-cylinder engine makes 650 horsepower, which, thanks to all-wheel drive and an 8-speed gearbox, should ensure 60 mph in 2.6 seconds after the start. At around $250,000, the 911 Turbo S in the US costs twice as much as a Tesla Model X Plaid.

The electric car, on the other hand, has a much more powerful 1,000-horsepower engine, but it weighs a lot more when empty and has an additional drawback in the current comparison in the form of five other adults on board (see photo above). The comparison to the best Porsche was organized by YouTuber Brooks Weisblat, who owns the Model S Plaid himself. Last summer, he convinced a Taycan owner to order a Tesla himself after losing a duel at a drag racetrack.

The owner of a fast-burning Porsche compared to the Model X was no better. In the first drag duel, it even separates itself a little at first – the light weight and shift system should have helped here. But the atmosphere on a fully occupied Tesla is still excellent, and before covering a classic quarter mile (just over 400 metres), I overtake the 911 Turbo S. In the second run, both cars are about equal for the first few metres, then the Porsche moves a bit before passing The family electric car again.

911 Turbo S debuts in front of the Model X Plaid

Normally, he runs quarter-mile times of around 9.7 seconds with his Model X Plaid, says the owner. With five more people on board, the best attempt yielded in 10.33 seconds, as evidenced by the video. A driver-only Porsche took at least 10.43 seconds for the quarter mile, a tenth of a second longer. At the drag distance, even in the fastest Porsche combustion engine, you no longer stand a chance against the spacious Tesla with its chiselled drive. After all, the 911 Turbo S seems to have an advantage on the first few meters — at least if the Model X is occupied in all six of the standard seats.

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