1000’s of luxurious vehicles from Porsche, Bentley and Co. had been burned

(Motorsport-Total.com/Motor1) – The Felicity Ace is the name of the cargo ship loaded with nearly 4,000 cars, including Porsche, Bentley, Lamborghini and Audi, that caught fire last Wednesday and is still drifting in the Atlantic not far from the Azores archipelago. . All 22 crew members were evacuated unharmed.

The burning transport ship Felicity Ice


Of course, human life is always a top priority. However, news of the fire on the Felicity Ice may have caused concern from the Volkswagen Group, American dealers and American customers. After all, the ongoing chip crunch is still causing long delivery times. The flames that had engulfed the ship for several days seemed to have subsided, perhaps because nothing was left to burn on board.

Photographs taken by Portuguese naval vessels indicate that all or most of the cargo was burned as the hull of the Panamanian cargo ship owned by Japanese trading company MOL Ship Management was damaged. There is still some hope that some of the cars on board will be safe as the different decks for ferries of this type are separated from each other. However, there are also voices who believe that all the cars were destroyed in the fire.

In order to calculate the extent of damage to the Volkswagen Group in the worst case, one would have to assume that 3,965 loaded cars were completely burnt out. Many experts, analysts and companies specializing in risk calculations estimated the maximum damage at more than half a billion dollars, which is equivalent to more than 441 million euros.

Photo gallery: Ship fire destroys luxury cars from Porsche, Bentley, Lamborghini & Co.

At this point we would like to summarize the various assessments of the past few days and also the number of vehicles affected by the Felicity Ace ship disaster. The highest estimate comes from Skytek, which estimates the damage at more than 441 million euros, as well as the ship’s value of 21.6 million euros (which VesselsValue estimates at 27.8 million euros).

Company valuation / loss for Volkswagen Group / value of other destroyed goods
Skytek / Over $500m (€441m) / $24.5m (€21.6m)
Patrick Anderson / $282 million (€249 million) / –
The Russell Group / $155 million / $37 million

However, Britain’s Russell Group disagrees and estimates the VW Group’s loss at €136.8 million if the entire truckload was supposed to smoke. The same risk assessment agency estimates the damage to the ship and other cargo at 32.6 million euros. US economist Patrick Anderson also put his own estimate of the damage at 249 million euros.

In light of the Felicity Ice accident, representatives of the insurance industry are calling for more safety precautions. Automobile transport ships of such dimensions should be equipped with better extinguishing systems. However, there is no end in sight to the growth in size: in the second quarter of 2023, the 200-meter SFL Emden with 7,000 CEU will begin operations for the Volkswagen Group.

A “vehicle equivalent unit” (CEU) is an international standard unit of measurement for the PCC (Pure Car Carrier) capacity of so-called pure automobile transport vessels, such as those used by the auto industry to ship new vehicles used in sales markets. CEU is currently 10 square metres.

Here is a preliminary list of the vehicles aboard the Felicity ACE:

Porsche: 1100
Bentley: 189
Volkswagen: 100
Audi: No information
Lamborghini: no information

Photos: Marinha Portuguesa

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