Within the spring with out scratches!

Scratch wheel rim damage damage

The sun’s rays are noticeably warmer. It’s time to get ready for spring. For cars for example changing from winter wheels to summer wheels. The perfect moment to finally get rid of that ugly scratch that’s marred your aluminum rim since your last curb bump. Once you get to work, you can instantly free the tires from the gray of winter. This is uncomplicated with the Edge Repair Kit and Frame color black by QUIXX. “Fix it. Yourself!” is the motto of the experts in roof repair from Neuried near Munich.


It is often the small inclusions that inevitably attract the critical appearance. That is why the body still shines in this way after spring cleaning, such a scratch on the wheel is only annoying. Actually not a big problem. With the QUIXX Edge Repair Kit and the innovative QUIXX Liquid Aluminum Technology, available for €19.95 in black and silver, even a hobbyist can quickly repair this damage. How the step-by-step instructions explain exactly: Clean the edge thoroughly, remove any remaining loose paint and protruding aluminum, smooth the damaged area with sandpaper, mask the areas that were not damaged before, clean the treated areas with soap and water and dry them well.

Then apply the repair compound, designing the edge contours with your finger and the side of the cutter knife. Now let it harden for 2 hours and then wet (100 sheets) until the contours are perfect. Rinse the treated area again and let it dry. Finally, touch the scratch with the touch pen. Of course, all necessary utensils are included in the all-inclusive set of QUIXX. Step-by-step instructions or video tutorial also explain each step by step.

Black drives are more beautiful

The rims were fixed, but something still disturbed the overall impression? Perhaps this is due to the ugly gray color of the tires. The effects of the weather in recent years, as well as dirt and dust from winter storage, cannot be overlooked. Time to use COEX black frame color (price €14.95). Without any unnatural greasy sheen, the glossy black keeps tires in top condition for up to six months. The long-lasting effect is guaranteed by QUIXX’s innovative Black Polymer Technology (BPT), for which the company has applied for a patent.

The black frame paint dries quickly after application, does not stick and does not attract dust. Best of all, the rubber not only looks better, but is also protected from UV rays and other harmful environmental influences. Even constant rain or a rotating brush in a car wash can’t harm your QUIXX high-tech product. Even if the name does not suggest it, of course the product can also be used on other rubber parts of the car, such as door and window seals (video tutorial).

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Of course that was far from that!

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