Shield your self from automobile theft

The round steel shell consists of two parts and can be opened. It is pushed over the steering wheel, and locked and locked using a special titanium lock. Maneuvering is as simple as with the steering wheel claws. Feature: With this lock, the steering wheel cannot be pressed to remove the claw.

On the other hand, the disadvantages are the relatively high price and the lack of signal color. However, the steering wheel lock should be easily identifiable from the outside and thus deter thieves. DEFA Disklok comes with 3 keys.

Our conclusion

Among the steering wheel locks offered, we especially like it Stoplock Pro HG 149-00 and the Ertago 870 With the alarm function, which was able to convince in the test “Auto Bild” good marks for safety, handling and workmanship. For us, they are the best steering wheel claws in our comparison. We can also recommend the cheapest price Claw from Schmidt Security Tools With combination lock.

Worth knowing about steering wheel claws

What is a steering wheel clutch?

Steering wheel claws are mechanical immobilizers to protect vehicles from theft. They are strong and resistant and often ensure safety with their bright colours. It is usually easy to handle, so it installs quickly. However, it effectively prevents thieves from breaking into cars, trucks or mobile homes, because theft – if successful – will take much longer than without the steering wheel locked.

What types of steering wheel claws are there?

A basic distinction is made between two types:

traditional steering wheel clutch It protects not only the steering wheel, but also the pedals. It consists of a solid rod with curved ends connected to the pedals and steering wheel. As a result, the wheel is blocked and can no longer be rotated. In addition, the pedal can no longer be depressed.

steering wheel locks In turn, protect the steering wheel only. They consist of a metal rod that is placed across the steering wheel, and often also stabilizes the airbag. There is also a cover with a lock for installation. The rod prevents the steering wheel from turning completely.

Despite this distinction, both terms are often used synonymously. The term mechanical immobilizer can also be found frequently.

How do you find the best steering wheel clutch?

If you want to insure your car, mobile home or truck with a steering wheel clutch, you should consider the following aspects when making your purchase decision:

  • Steering wheel lock type: There are mechanical stabilizers that, in addition to the steering wheel, protect the pedals, and others protect the airbag. Think about what you want to insure on the car.
  • to treat: Installation and removal should be quick and easy. However, the claw should sit securely each time.
  • Material and processing: Most steering wheel locks are made of hardened steel and are therefore particularly resistant. It is important to use a colored alloy and, above all, plastic covers that protect the steering wheel from damage.
  • closing system: Workmanship is also important to the lock. The safest are welded or galvanized models. Whether it should be a key system or a combination lock depends on your preference.
  • Size/Length: Make sure the clutch or steering wheel lock fits your vehicle. Some models have different sizes for different steering wheels.
  • color: Attractively colored steering wheel claws or fluorescent parts are more visible and thus provide a deterrent to avoid even attempted theft and the damage it causes. This is also at night.
  • Additional functions: For example, some steering wheel locks have an alarm that emits a loud warning signal to further deter thieves. Other models come with a remote control. It is an individual decision whether to evaluate these jobs.
  • price: It is not recommended to resort to cheap anti-theft products. These are usually poorly made and less secure than high quality steering wheel claws. However, the cheap models achieve deterrence as well.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of steering wheel clutch?

Steering wheel claws are an effective vehicle anti-theft tool, and even higher priced products are still inexpensive compared to potential damage. The high degree of deterrence of thieves speaks of protection systems. It is also useful for quick and easy handling as it can be used on all cars, trucks, mobile homes and the like. However, not all claws are suitable for all types of vehicles, which must be taken into account when buying. False alarms can be another drawback of models equipped with an alarm system.

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