Altering / changing windshield wipers: that is the way it works!

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When driving, you should always have a clear view. But if there is an excessive amount of flower dust and pollen in the air, a yellow layer of dust quickly accumulates on the car window. And most importantly, the spaces work optimally. In the next article you will learn what to consider when changing and how to increase the service life of wiper blades.

  • Better regular replacement of windshield wipers
  • Remove pollen from the plate immediately with glass cleaner
  • Clean wiper blades with a damp cloth only

Especially in the spring, a short stop under the trees is enough and the whole car is covered with yellow pollen. This is not only particularly annoying for allergy sufferers, but also significantly impairs vision when driving.

Pollen: Clean windows ASAP

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Although the dust itself is harmless to man and machine, it still needs to be removed. If you remove the yellow film on the front and rear windows immediately with glass cleaner If you remove it, you will have a clear view again and you will not be overwhelmed by the low rays of the morning or evening sun. Plus, the wiper blades don’t draw any unsightly lines. Furthermore, windshield wipers should be changed regularly, as broken wipers can also scratch the windshield in the worst case. Functional windshield wipers are also a necessary standard for main inspectionTherefore it is necessary to change the wipers in time.

Six steps to a new mop

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  1. Be careful when changing the windshield wipers: Sudden throttling of the wiper arm can quickly crack the windshield.
  2. Always protect the board with a towel or cloth when changing.
  3. Depending on the vehicle, you should refer to the manual for the exact maintenance position of the wiper arms.
  4. Wiper blades are attached to a plug or clip mechanism.
  5. advice: If you place the old, disassembled wiper next to the wiper arm in the appropriate setting, it will make assembly easier.
  6. If the new wiper blade snaps into place, it means it is installed correctly
  7. If necessary, the rear window wiper should also be checked and replaced.

Maintaining Perspective: How to Increase the Service Life of Windshield Wipers

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  1. Regular cleaning of front and rear windows.
  2. Once you have stained the windshield wipers, you should clean the windshield with glass cleaner.
  3. Monitor the concentration of the windshield washer agent specified by the manufacturer and dilute it if necessary.
  4. attention: Never treat wiper blades with strong cleaners, or the coating that helps the blades glide will be destroyed.
  5. Wiping with a damp cloth is sufficient to remove heavy dirt from wiper blades.
  6. After washing the car with the wax program, make sure the staff give you a special cleaning cloth to remove wax residue from the windshield and to ensure the normal function of the windshield wipers.
  7. Also check if the wiper arm is bent or fully attached to the glass.
  8. advice: Trimming wiper blades can save money.

What should you look for when buying windshield wipers?

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  • There are different types of spaces: Latest flat blade wiper Or spaces with the elderly ironing technique. Information about suitable vehicle types and years of manufacture can usually be found on the wiper packaging.
  • The assembly of wipers is more complicated, but they are cheaper. A better alternative are flat-blade wipers that are more expensive, but not always easy to convert.
  • Since windshield wipers age and their properties change even during storage in the store, it is recommended to choose a dealer with a large number of customers, so that the goods do not stay there for a long time.

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