Tuning World Bodensee celebrates the automotive life-style and driving fashion

Friedrichshafen – In the third year of the epidemic, Tuning World Bodensee reports a return. From Thursday 26 May to Sunday 29 May, 87,300 car enthusiasts (2019 for three days: 82,300) took to the showrooms in Friedrichshafen to enjoy the polished carbon sports cars, low daily newspapers, the show, and the sparkle of gold-coated vehicles.

Satisfied exhibitors and complete exhibition center

“Tuning World Bodensee has once again shown that the love and refinement of cars attract a diverse young audience from all over Germany and the Triangle. We are delighted with the successful reboot and satisfaction with the exhibitors and the complete exhibition centre,” sums up exhibition director Klaus Wellmann. In addition to the spectacular “Wheels vs. Gravity” show and drift shows, the main attractions were also the European Tuning Showdown in Hall B5.

Four days trade fair

1500 cars, 850 participants from industry and scene, eleven halls and three outdoor areas – the four-day trade fair celebrated the art of individual jewelry. “We had to wait a long time and be flexible at short notice during the very short planning phase, but we were rewarded. The tuning scene celebrated the reunion, exchanged ideas, talked in the shop and enjoyed the taste of the car. The visitor numbers also confirm our work: both the scene and we believed In the role of organizer at Tuning World Bodensee during the changing times of Corona,” explains project manager Dirk Kreidenweiß.

Exhibitor exhibition complete success

For exhibitors, the first trade fair for tuning, lifestyle and club scene in two years was a success: “We are very satisfied with Tuning World Bodensee 2022. For us, this year’s event was a must after Corona broke: on the one hand, we want to support the show and on the other hand we reach To our fans from southern Germany, Austria and Switzerland. The crowd was friendly and eager to buy and we’ve already achieved our goal for the entire Tuning World Bodensee on Saturday. We will definitely be there again next year and we will continue to expand our commitment,” say Marieke Fox and Dirk Klotsing, owners of Foxed Store.

Elvis Sklepic, Director of Sales for Germany and Austria, BBS auto sees it in a similar way: “It is really good that there are finally trade fairs again and we at BBS are delighted to be back with our special stand in Friedrichshafen after a nine-year hiatus from the trade fair. Visitors are showing interest Big with our new flexible BBS wheel system Our target group orders direct from the stand It’s great that our BBS wheels are so well represented in so many show cars and club vehicles here on Lake Constance The fact that Austria and Switzerland are only a stone’s throw away speaks volumes too About Tuning World Bodensee”.

Dominic Koehler, Managing Director and Owner of Bavarian Car Club GmbH adds: “The four days at Tuning World Bodensee exceeded our expectations. Visitors were very interested in our products and excited to buy. Already on the third day we doubled the target value. We have addressed diverse target groups who are passionate about finishing in the field of display optics and luminosity. Next year we will be there again with a bigger position.”

Follow Tuning World on social media

The on-site trade fair was not only an experience, but Tuning World Bodensee can also be followed on social media. A total of over 7,000 contributions have already been posted by the community before and during the event. With this and with special trade fair channels, more than 7.4 million people were able to take part in the event.

The program included in the outdoor areas full ranks

The program was filled with outdoor areas: motorcyclists stooped over their heads, a beach wagon flipped its back, tires smoked in the drift zone, pumping adrenaline into the blood of visitors. “The show and event program is an important part of Tuning World Bodensee and has been an absolute attraction for visitors,” reports project manager Dirk Kreidenweiß. The challenges of the best simracers at the E-Sports Arena in Hall A7 provided an entirely different kind of excitement. The well-attended sunset sessions in the western open air area promised a good mood at the end of the day with a party truck, DJ and the crowd who loved to dance.

The European showdown in Hall B5 was all about heart-pounding battles, with Europe’s best show cars competing against each other, cleaning engine compartments, carbon shifts and the perfect wheel and tire configuration. The Style Mile was bigger in 2022 with about 300 vehicles: from rare cars like the fiery red Volkswagen Puma of Brazil to the soft green Beetle to a sleek limousine runway, the Mile ran through Halls B3 and B4 and the Ost Foyer cars that Represented the necessary current setting.

“It’s not a hoax, it’s polo”

Transformation, perfection and refinement were also on the agenda in the private car district, club halls, and at the Polo Dome on the A-axis. At the Polo Dome, the community celebrated a full line-up of their favorite VW cars and their long-awaited reunion two years later. True to the tagline “It’s not a hoax, it’s polo,” Rotten Rats have captivated fans of tuning, a polo shirt and double-breasted pick-up shoes, among other things. The festivities were also on the agenda in rooms A3 to A5. They were home to the club area, where friends of the scene arranged to meet at Tuning World Bodensee. The private car area was quite social, with every seventh project coming from a female tuner. The Special Vehicles District is organized by the MAV Publishing House.

Great event despite difficult planning conditions

“We must not forget that the trade fairs could have been held again for only seven weeks. Despite the difficult planning conditions this year, we were able to organize a great event and provide a meeting point for the scene again. In this regard, we see the number of visitors and also the comments from The community as an absolute confirmation of our event.There were loyal fans and new fans present at the exhibition center.We are taking a huge number of positive signals from the industry with us when planning our next event and we are very optimistic that we will be able to hold a more inclusive trade event next year under more normal conditions ‘,” explains trade show president Klaus Wellmann.

The next Tuning World Bodensee will be held from Thursday 18 May to Sunday 21 May 2023 at the Exhibition Center in Friedrichshafen.

More information at: www.tuningworldbodensee.de,

(Press release: Messe Friedrichshafen)

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