Public sale: Final Likelihood: Lunch with Warren Buffett at public sale for the final time | publication

• The last auction for lunch with Warren Buffett

• Proceeds go to the Glide Foundation

• Record 4.6 million US dollars

One last lunch with the Oracle of Omaha

Warren Buffett, known globally for his taste for promising investments, is offering the opportunity to spend a traditional lunch with him in New York City at auction for the last time, Penta reports. The auction for this event, titled “Power of One,” will be held June 12-17 on eBay for Charity, eBay’s charitable support platform.

Proceeds go to the San Francisco-based Glide Foundation, which works in the areas of poverty, housing, and homelessness. The minimum bid is $25,000. The winning exhibitor and up to seven of their guests will be invited to lunch at Smith & Wollensky in New York City, one of Buffett’s favorite restaurants.

The auctions have already brought millions into the coffers of the Glide Foundation

According to Forbes, Warren Buffett has sold 20 lunches at these annual auctions since 2000, raising more than $34 million for the Glide Foundation. According to the Glide Foundation, the highest bid since 2008 exceeded $1 million after the first auction winner sold for just $25,000.

Previous winners include hedge fund manager Ted Fischler, who spent about $2.6 million on lunches in 2010 and 2011 before joining Buffett-owned Berkshire Hathaway in 2012. The record was broken in 2019 by Justin Yuchen, founder of Blockchain platform TRON and CEO of peer-to-peer streaming service BitTorrent, when he paid $4.6 million for his coveted lunch with the Oracle of Omaha.

“Warren Buffett’s friendship and generosity over the past 22 years have been invaluable in enhancing Glide’s impact on systems that create poverty and inequality,” Karen Hanrahan, President and CEO of the Glide Foundation, said in a press release. “His legacy will have a lasting impact on Glide and our customers.”

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