Mitsubishi Jeep CJ3-B J38 1975 Traditional Automobile

Mitsubishi Jeep CJ3-B J38 1975 Classic Car
An old curious off-roader at a competitive price

A classic car dealer in the United States that sells a classic Jeep made by Mitsubishi. Old man in good condition at remarkably affordable price.

It’s relatively easy to give die-hard Jeep fans instant stress relief: just mention owning a Suzuki Jeep. Or a Mitsubishi Jeep. This usually leads to lengthy instructions in a lukewarm tone, and it is not for nothing that the manufacturer himself uses the motto “Only a pocket is a pocket.”

Real Mitsubishi Jeep

However, if you know a little about this, you can face it excellently. Thanks to the production licenses that Willys Jeep eagerly issued in the 1950s for the four-sided CJ 3B to Indian manufacturer Mahindra, among others, other brands were actually allowed to build their own Jeeps. Just like Mitsubishi.


Initially, Mitsubishi produced the Jeep licensed as left-hand drive using the CKD process, later followed by several right-hand drive versions.

In 1953, when Willys Motors introduced the CJ-3B, the Japanese manufacturer Mitsubishi obtained a license to produce the model for the Japanese market. The backdrop was also to be able to stand up to the then-rising competitors Nissan Patrol and Toyota BJ (later Land Cruiser). In the early years, Mitsubishi was still producing the Jeep licensed as a left-hand drive, and the models that followed were later converted to a right-hand drive design.

For 45 years, Mitsubishi has built the CJ-3B in new variants, in total there were more than 30 copies with different wheelbases, different bodies and different engines. Production of the CJ-3B at Mitsubishi ended only in 1998, by that time the Japanese automaker had manufactured about 200,000 copies of the powerful off-road vehicle. Some even found their way to Europe and the United States via winding paths, while the vast majority of these classic SUVs were used in the Asia Pacific region and some are still driven today.

Two-tone paint and red interior

The model listed here is a Mitsubishi Jeep J38, built between 1970 and 1983. The J38 offered by Duncan Classics of Christianburg, Virginia is a 1975 model. The J38 were models with a fixed steel body, long wheelbase, and two-tone accent paint and were available in three or six seats.

Mitsubishi Jeep CJ3-B J38 1975 Auction

Duncan imports classic cars

Very stylish: a red upholstered seat in the front

Given the remarkably good condition of the 47-year-old classic, the $29,000 asking price can certainly be a snap when you consider pricing for a Willys Jeep in a similar condition. Little things like a modified steering damper, cheap CD radio and revised speedometer again have to be removed by authenticity buffs, but overall the classic impression is very good.

Actually a deal

This applies to both the interior condition (red furniture is actually standard) as well as the seemingly rust- and vent-free body and frame condition – even if the bottom protection is clearly used there. The technology is also shown in the photos with the cuffs intact and fresh, and the rubber parts and stripes in good condition.

Mitsubishi Jeep CJ3-B J38 1975 Auction

Duncan imports classic cars

Homemade: Genuine Mitsubishi 4-cylinder petrol engine with 110 HP.

Another plus: Mitsubishi installed a fairly powerful Japanese technology in the cars, in the example shown here, for example, the 4G53 Astron gasoline engine with an overhead camshaft, 2.4-liter four-cylinder with a power of 110 hp.

In a car of this age, you can ignore some loose cables, later installed hoses or somewhat stapled door panels, these are small cosmetic corrections for the new owner. Anyone who has now fallen in love with this sweetheart: Duncan Classics is a day trip from the many outer ports on the US East Coast, and such a Mitsubishi Jeep fits easily in a container.

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Drive a vintage Jeep that no one else owns so fast: with Mitsubishi Jeep, it’s possible in Europe. Although Mitsubishi has produced nearly 200,000 copies of the license building in various forms during its 45 years, the vast majority have remained in the Asia Pacific region. In the rarest case, a real Mitsubishi jeep veered into Europe, and the author of these lines can only recall one sample that once crossed its path. And that was a short, open-topped replica of the CJ-3B, not a fancy two-tone family car like this example.

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