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A stuck horn can be nerve-wracking. It’s not just a big one sabotage agent to you and those around you, but it also leads to a Battery discharge. If the horn does not go off on its own when the switch is released, it may be due to a Mechanical component stuck in steering column recumbent. However, due to the built-in airbag, you should be extra careful when inspecting the area. First cut off the power to the horn, then inspect the system components that allow easy access.

How to extinguish the horn!

Changing the car battery Instructions for changing the car battery

First press the horn switch on the steering wheel several times, as this alone can release the stuck horn. If it does not work, you can try to rotate the steering wheel forward and backward several times. The car battery is then disconnected, as this turns off the horn. If luck is on your side, it will reset and stop beeping after you connect the battery. However, this means not necessarilyYou have corrected the cause of the error. Before you begin with the following steps, as a precaution against electric shock, you must first Disconnect the battery take place.

Pull the horn fuse!

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Find out in the car guide where fuse box It has been installed. Look at the fuse box cover or in the manual for a diagram that tells you which fuse is horn fuse he is. Remove this fuse manually or with pliers outside the holder. If your car model manual is not available, you can find it Online Appropriate videos with explanations or information about your vehicle’s fuse box. You can usually find the fuse box under the dashboard on the driver’s side, somewhere to the left of the driver’s door, or in the glove compartment. Some vehicles have another fuse box in the engine compartment or in the trunk. In many vehicles, many components are actuated by individual valves. However, the fuse diagram shows you which components turn off as well as the horn when the fuse is pulled.

Remove the trumpet relay!

Most vehicles have one trumpet delayed, which delivers the auxiliary energy to the horn. As a rule, this is a cube-type connector with a schematic diagram on the side, which can be found in the engine compartment fuse box. If the horn relay fails, the horn usually fails, causing a stuck horn signal. Even if the relay no If this is the trigger, you must remove it to turn the horn off. Check the fuse box diagram or refer to the manual to locate the correct relay. If your horn sounds unusual or there is no crackling sound when the horn button is pressed, there is a good chance that it has a horn. Short circuit in relay Before. Then replace the relay and determine the cause of the short. This may be a damaged cable or a water leak!

Disconnect the horn!

If there is no horn relay installed in your vehicle and several components operate simultaneously via the horn fuse, the horn must be stretch. It is usually located behind the grille or near the windshield behind the engine. Usually, the shape of the horn resembles a loudspeaker or a round (annular) body. Remove the horn wire connections. Cover the cable connections with one insulating tape or cable connectorsTo avoid short circuit if you want to go to workshop now. Some cars have two horns, and they are usually connected to the same unit. Inquire about yours manual or in Internet According to the relevant information if you can not find the horn. By the way, for work processes Battery disconnect take place.

find the mistakes and resolve it

check whether water accumulation Present, which accumulated in the engine compartment, for example, after a heavy rain or washing the engine. If you notice puddles of water near the fuse box, you should Disconnect the battery Let the car dry in the open air. Leave the installation From severe water damage or severe corrosion Prefer an experienced mechanic. Now one is installed bypass switch to the century. If the key is stuck in the steering wheel, it can be bypassed with a bypass key, which you can find online or at an auto parts store. The manual tells you how to connect the switch to the 12V horn wire. Installing a switch is only a temporary option until you can get a replacement for your broken horn switch.

Remove the airbag by a professional!

The following work steps are done on the steering column, where the airbag is usually installed. Unless you turn it off or make a mistake removing it, it may turn on too hard. On some vehicles, the backup battery maintains the airbag after the vehicle battery has been disconnected. For this reason, you should use an airbag Do not remove yourself, unless you know what to do and are authorized to do so. After disconnecting the battery, you must Wait about 30 minutesuntil the system shuts down. Now dry the steering column area. If there is water or corrosion in it, a short circuit may have set off the stuck horn. After drying the area with the air compressor, the wet spots are treated with a contact spray. Once the steering column is dry, you can put it back together. With a bit of luck, the horn will be ready to use again.

Now the switch and clock springs are installed. If the electrical parts are working fine, the problem may be a stuck horn switch. Another reason for the error could be a Spring broken clock is being. This is the spring that tightens and relaxes you when you turn the steering wheel and maintains the electrical connection. In particular, when there are errors in the operation of the electrical components of the steering column or if the airbag warning light is illuminated, the problem is usually due to damaged coil springs. If the exchange is too difficult for you, please contact the specialists in your workshop.

Tips: If the contacts are corroded or wet, and the wires are uninsulated or only partially insulated, use a voltmeter to check the horn circuit for shorts.


  • Just remove the fuses When the engine is turned off. Always disconnect the battery before beginning any work on power lines, valves, or other electrical system components. By the way, in most places it is illegal to drive without a working horn. So a detached horn should be fixed as soon as possible.

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