‘Birgit’s Robust Girls’ fails with nice fanfare at SAT1

“Don’t be fooled! No matter what you are told, you have to listen to yourself and do what you want!” Birgit Schrang uses big words stern They announce their new look. The “Birgit Strong Women” should not only entertain – they should inspire. Make women more visible, give them more courage to assert themselves against men who stand in their way with “glass ceilings”, “gender wage ceilings” and other villains.

big goal. A whole new approach. Only: After all, old-fashioned “Birgit Strong Women” look like TV at 8:15 p.m. It rarely is. Six women sitting around a table and talking. There are cups and snacks on the table. Naturally healthy. In the middle, there’s a clip to be seen – which women are also talking about. This reminds us of some old formatting.

The life story of the invited woman is the focus of the format. Accordingly, how well the show will work depends on the attractiveness of the invitees. With Marie Schumann, SAT1 proclaims “Germany’s most powerful firefighter”. Wonderful guest. On the eighth grade work day. But for the 8.15pm show? Or Rebecca Emmanuel: You know her from Edel and Stark. It was discontinued 17 years ago. Since then, Emmanuel has kept his head above water with guest appearances in TV Hell: Rosamunde Pilcher, Notruf Hafen Kante, Katie Fforde or Soko Munich. Class B celebrities. b like at best.

Shrwang is also called Mandi Capristo. This is a singer from the band Monrose. These are the ones with the “hot summer”. or “shame”. or “what you don’t know”? Talk about ignorance. For those who still can’t figure out the names Capristo or Monrose: a band that premiered on the TV special in 2006, to be disbanded again in 2011. Capristo’s C stands for C-Celebrity.

The former pop star is shrwang as a “strong woman” because she suffered from panic attacks. Now the singer is participating in the platform against mental illness. It’s the most exciting part of about 90 minutes of net casting time. However, you don’t really want to stick with it, the topic is good and convenient, but the way the participants talk around the table is annoying. irrelevant to that. And very slippery. Despite the participants claiming to be “strong,” this slip is reminiscent of old television.

Namely: coffee chatter. It ran on ZDF from 1995 to 2002. Saturdays. In the afternoon. Ralph Morgenstern, who came out as gay early on and confidently gathered four women around a coffee table and discussed the topics of the current rumors. Mostly noisy and cheerful to silly. This is what makes Kaveklach the antithesis of Birgit’s Strong Women. She just wanted to be entertaining and could suddenly become poignantly honest about difficult topics. However, in claiming to be a female role model, Birgit’s strong women act as a deterrent to those who might be affected.

It is an old realization. But for the TV-makers who get up over and over again: people don’t sit in front of the set in the evenings to give lectures. And certainly not from the noses of the television who did not work for wisdom but ate with a spoon. Accordingly, everything is faltering. 490,000 viewers want to see “Birgit’s Strong Women” – a market share of 1.9 percent. On an evening when the competition wasn’t unrivaled: a documentary about the queen at first, Gunther Gauche’s competition was shown on RTL or ZDF with “Air to Breathe”. Again, the same scheme: a disease at the heart of the film. Entertainment aims to educate and isolate instead. 2.86 million viewers see it, not even every tenth person under 50. Core number of viewers still watching ZDF in the evening even if the photo fails.

SAT1 has to fight harder for its viewers. Especially since one minute of advertising follows three minutes of programming. Young viewers are especially important to advertising. Even for SAT1 test conditions, a weak 3.0 percent bring in “Birgit Strong Women” but only in the relevant target group—less than 200,000 people. A number that approximates the susceptibility to statistical error value and is therefore almost impossible to measure seriously. Schrowange has four episodes to boost ratings. You will need guests – sorry: guests – who pull the most. A noble social and political goal alone does not make a programme.


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