A73 close to Coburg: the arm is totally torn

Serious accident with a Motorcycle driver seriously injured On Thursday (June 2, 2022) in Coburg Junction of the A73 Event. The fall was so severe that the man lost his right arm.

At about 8:40 p.m., the Police Operations Center received a notification of a motorcyclist who was at b 4 I fell on the lane to the A73 in the direction of Suhl. many of police patrol Quickly on site and provided first aid with other road users.

Serious accident near the A73: motorcycle collision in the lane

As it turns out, the 43-year-old Thuringian was an ex-boyfriend Bought a motorbike in Coburg Now I wanted to take her home. He raced because he didn’t know where he was Completely excessive speed to the slope ”, this is how the Coburg Traffic Police Inspectorate described the course of the accident. Chief Police Inspector Stephen Fogman admitted in an interview News 5 one statement witnesses Reverse that the motorcyclist has passed. “Man, he can’t make that curve,” said the eyewitness.

When he noticed the approaching right turn of the branch, the 43-year-old man made one braking shock He fell off the motorcycle. Then he collided with the car into the central barrier. In the process, it is his right The arm is completely torn off He stopped at the crash barrier. The motorcycle was thrown a few meters away and rested on its side on the right side of the road.

After the first medical attention at the scene of the accident by the rescue service and the emergency doctor, the motorcyclist was found with him rescue helicopter Fly to a private clinic. Here an attempt was made to save the severed arm.

Was the 43-year-old on the road without a driver’s license? Police investigated

specialists Coburg Traffic Police Inspectorate He took over the accident registration with other emergency services. By order of the Coburg prosecutor’s office, the officers secured the motorcycle and later took a blood sample from the person who caused the accident. At the time of the accident, he was likely under the influence of drugs, and is said to have been there for a long time No driver’s license Own more, according to police.

A friend leaves the accident victim behind after a serious fall

In addition, further investigations revealed that his AcquaintanceWith whom he bought the motorcycle before the accident, he no longer has a driver’s license. Thuringian of the same age was driving behind the motorcycle at the time of the accident and initially stopped briefly. After other road users arrived, he turned away in the direction of Thuringia “for fear of being checked by the police” without him. Friend seriously injured To provide assistance, according to police.

Officers launched investigations into multiple crimes against both individuals. Among other things, it concerns the claim of endangering road traffic, driving without a license and Help has been removed. The scene of the accident took about two hours for the duration of the investigation into the accident fully closed. The total damage is about 5,000 euros.

Using animals on the way back

Another incident occurred when the police patrol returned to the office: the officers spotted one of them Duck, who sat motionless on the highway. The animal was still alive, but it was Both legs are broken So he couldn’t escape. The officers took care of the injured animal and initially cared for it at the station. Then the animal was attached to Veterinarian Dr Ladder. However, the injuries to the Duck Lady were too serious to be saved and she died.

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