Vaccination Opponents: Alliance of Dread – Situation 559

The pseudo-right-wing Zentrum Automobil was recently placed on the AfD incompatibility list. The association is now calling for a strike against vaccination. The Bundeswehr must also participate.

In October, Andreas Ziegler stood on a bench among the trees with AfD member of the Bundestag Dirk Spaniel and Stuttgart Avdler Andreas Morter. Spaniel and Mürter raise their fingers crossed, “Thank you Andreas for holding on” written above the Facebook post. Linked SWR contribution condemns two anti-fascists Ziegler and two other members of the right-wing association Zentrum Automobil (ZA) had struck on the sidelines of the Corona show in May 2020. The process took several months and ended with long prison sentences for the perpetrators (cited in context).

Neo-Nazis known to members of the center testified in court proceedings; Compact magazine, which was recently upgraded from a suspected case by the Office for the Protection of the Constitution to “definitely an extremist”, and the new right-wing association “One Percent”, which is noted by the Office for the Protection of the Constitution. Constitution, ran a broad solidarity campaign for Ziegler, as did the NPD and the far-right Third Way.

Months ago, in April of this year, the MDR published a video that began with the words: “In Saxony, African thinkers and neo-Nazis are trying to join the Corona demos, and now they have even set up a joint party: Freie Sachsen.” Still relatively unknown at the time, the Free Saxons were founded in February, branding themselves as “freedom rights fighters” and against Corona’s measures, and the party had been monitored by the Saxon Office for the Protection of the Constitution since June. Their activities are “objectively appropriate to eliminate or weaken the free democratic basic order or some of its central core elements,” the service wrote. “Frei Sachs is now an integral part of the far-right landscape in the Free State of Saxony.” The party mobilizes extensively against the Corona measures. Only recently, its members walked with torches in front of the home of Saxony’s health minister, Petra Köping.

ZA participates in the Free State of Saxony

Also present at Freie Sachsen: Zentrum Automobil, the mini- and forward-thinking right-wing union from Baden-Württemberg, founded in 2009 by Oliver Hellberger, a former member of the right-wing rock band NoieWerte. With populist slogans, ZA has been feeding the Mercedes plant in Stuttgart Untertürkheim in particular, with a few representatives also in other positions in the auto industry, since the pandemic has been vehemently opposed to Corona’s policy.

None of this appears to be too right-wing for the AfD leadership. The party put Zentrum Automobil on its incompatibility list in September and wrote a letter to AfD member Andreas Ziegler shortly afterwards: His party membership was revoked because he was a member of the Zentrum Automobil. The message quickly found its way to the public via the Telegram channel of Martin Sellner, spokesperson and president of the Identity Movement Austria. Networking is clearly: flawless.

Now that that’s settled, the covers are falling off. Another highlight of ZA: a call for a “vaccination strike” along the lines of the Austrian model. Several large-scale anti-vaccination demonstrations have taken place there in the past few weeks. The organization Junge Alternative had already called for it in Berlin at the weekend. Unlike in Vienna, only a few hundred demonstrators attended.

Through the “Coalition of the Vaccination Strike Germany”, Zentrum Automobil forged a veritable alliance of terror: the call was made with “Compact” magazine, right-wing extremist “PI-News”, Freie Sachsen and the publication of the weekly “Democratic Resistance”. The latter was launched at the beginning of the pandemic by radical leftists, and soon thereafter was absorbed by the uproar of Attila Heltman, Ken Gibsen, and lateral thinkers. Meanwhile, the “Democratic Resistance” around Berlin-based Anselm Lenz and Hendrik Sudenkamp has joined forces with the far-right center and spoke of the “Covid-19 mass killing regime”, the “Fascist and mass-murderer Corona dictatorship” and the “Democratic Liberation Front”. “More and more people are arming themselves against death vaccines and in self-defence against fanatical state and fanatical corporate rulers. Among them are battalions of volunteers Sophie Scholl, Anne Frank and the reform company Hannah Arendt.”

Soldiers are also in the resistance

There are also videos on the Telegram channel announcing the “German Strike Vaccine Alliance”. One, for example, shows suspected “resistance” soldiers accompanied by sad music. One stands in front of the grave of a “victim of Corona politics” and says with a grave expression: “If you lie here too, you cannot defend the women and children.” Another wishes that “all the shit collapses before we are freed from the German army.” There is talk of an “experimental liquid” that “disrupts the ability of troops to defend themselves”, of “poison” being injected, of “illegal” vaccination orders. There is talk of high treason, US Navy Major Eric also sits in front of the stars and tapes and the German flag and says he is the head of a US veterans organization and is currently making plans for how the fight against the “massive deprivation of liberty” can go on, talking about “in the event that war”.

Another explains the principle of the general strike with animated characters. Gas stations, supermarkets, buses and trains: “Even two or three people who think themselves in the right place can cause entire supply chains to collapse.” and: “How many frustrated employees does it take before a power plant shuts down, for example?” “The Vaccination Strike… We’re Ready” is the message on the Alliance Channel. The vaccination strike is the “most acute weapon of nonviolence”.

Zentrum Automobil and its alliance partners are required to be included in the vaccination strike list, not in their real name, but with their place of residence, industry and valid email address, so that the possibility of a strike can be formally explored. Und nicht zu vergessen: “Die neue Compact-Ausgabe zeigt: Das Regime plant sogar Knast und Existenzvernichtung für alle Ungehorsamen. Am besten gleich mehrere Exemplare bestellen und an Uniformierte weitergeben, die Janikt’be sch” Impfkan Booster (…) they ask.”

Great: Coenzyme Q10 is said to protect against free radicals

The same “Compact” home page also recommends: “It is better to solve the problem several times at once …!” A few more sentences, Compact offers crisis literature, some from Rothenburg Kopp Publishing, which could have served as inspiration for this shop. “Navy Seal Survival Guide”, €19.99. The perfect Christmas gift is the “Gift Box of the German Reich” or the 254-page “Magic of Rudolf Steiner” for 24 euros.

The miracle cure was also sold. On December 11, Vaccination Strike Alliance Germany’s Telegram channel suddenly said, “Even doctors were surprised when they found out the efficacy.” Coenzyme Q10 enhances oxygen supply and protects cells from free radicals. “You need this treatment at the latest from the age of 40!” Delivery time from 1 to 2 days 31.99 euros. It can be ordered from 9 Leben GmbH by Kai Homilius, partner of “Compact” magazine.

Will there be a vaccination strike in Germany? Or will it be a start? The list of vaccination strikes with large numbers of working email addresses, neatly categorized by cities and sectors, is surely a boon to all coalition partners. To sell new “compressed” subscriptions, to advertise the March Labor Board elections or Coenzyme Q10 – “High dose 180 mg per capsule.”

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