Ukrainian Eurovision winners bid for the trophy for the military

Eurovision Song Contest
Almost $1 Million: ESC Winners Donate Trophy Money to the Ukrainian Army

Watch the video: The winning Ukrainian ESC at the auction in the amount of 900 thousand dollars – the proceeds go to the army.

Storyline: Ukraine’s Kalush Orchestra won the Eurovision Song Contest in early May with its entry “Stefania,” and they have now auctioned their trophies to help Ukraine. In a Facebook auction led by Ukrainian TV host Serhiy Pretola, a glass microphone went to crypto exchange WhiteBit for $900,000. The Pink Hat will also be auctioned for nearly $400,000, a trademark of Ole striker Psiuk, who said his band is currently attending a concert in Berlin and is on a tour to raise money for his country. The Ukrainian Armed Forces will use the proceeds of the auction to purchase the PD-2 UAV system, which consists of three aircraft and a ground control station. Russia’s attack on Ukraine has been going on for more than three months.


The Kaloch Orchestra won the 66th ESC Tournament in Turin in mid-May with the song “Stefania”. Now, the winners have auctioned off their prizes – bringing in nearly $1 million.

The Ukrainian winners of the Eurovision Song Contest said that they auctioned their trophy for the army of their homeland. “Special thanks to the Whitebit team who purchased the trophy for $900,000 and are now the legal owners of our trophy,” Kalosh Orchestra said Sunday night. Whitebit is a Ukrainian company that operates a digital currency exchange, that is, an online trading platform through which cryptocurrencies can be bought, sold and exchanged. In the evening, the band was also announced at the charity event “Save Ukraine – #StopWar” at the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin.

ESC Winners Auction Prize

The Kaloch Orchestra won the 66th ESC Tournament in Turin in mid-May with the song “Stefania”. Especially in the ratings of audiences from all over Europe, the band was clearly ahead. Against the background of the Russian war of aggression in Ukraine, the apparent victory was also considered a sign of solidarity by the masses in dozens of countries. Russia was excluded from the Economic and Social Council because of the war.

Since 2008, a glass microphone trophy has been presented to the winning artists of the Eurovision Song Contest. This trophy was designed by Swedish designer Kjell Engmann. Songwriters with the winning title will receive a small copy of the trophy. The alleged Mother’s Cup remains with the organizers of ESC, the European Broadcasting Union. They are usually shown at the EBU (European Broadcasting Union) in the reception area of ​​their headquarters in Geneva.

The band’s auction until Sunday evening also included Ollie Psjok’s first man brand – a pink bucket hat. Interested parties must donate at least five euros for a chance to win. At the end of the draw, a random number generator was used to decide who would get the bucket hat. The entire proceeds of the donation will benefit the Ukrainian army through a foundation.


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