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Meritor - Knapp's solution (Photo: KNAPP Archive/RS MEDIA WORLD)
Meritor – The solution, consisting of a raised pallet warehouse with a storage and retrieval device, gives Meritor the flexibility it needs to supply its workstations. (Photo: KNAPP Archive/RS MEDIA WORLD)

advantage, American global company A resource for driving and mobility solutions in Automobile and commercial vehicle industry, commissioned by the Austrian Logistics Automation Specialists, KNAPP, with the Production supply automation In the Lindesberg site in Sweden. The solution consists of a high bay pallet warehouse with storage and retrieval device, Future offers regarding fluctuations in quantity more supply flexibility The production jobs. (CCM)

Planned production times for the auto industry are for its suppliers Actually it’s over. On the other hand, the industry shift towards e-mobility contributes to this. On the other hand, suppliers must constantly expect changes in the order quantities of their products – currently due to OEM supply chain problems on the one hand, but also due to the rapidly changing requirements of automotive customers. Therefore, production that is as flexible and cost-effective as possible is a central aspect of a firm’s competitiveness.

Flexible solution to volume mix fluctuations

This is also known by US auto supplier Meritor. The company has now commissioned Austrian logistics automation specialist Knapp to automate its production at its Swedish plant in Lindesberg. Styrians supplies hardware and software for an automation solution. Gian Luca Albert, Managing Director of Operations at Meritor Europe explains: “After a long evaluation phase, we have selected Knapp from among many suppliers. The company offers us the best technical solutions for our needs. In addition, it can be integrated into our existing building and also meet our budget expectations. The solution is very flexible in terms of future demand and fluctuations in the mix of quantities.”

M.  Holmqvist - Managing Director of KNAPP AB.  (Photo: KNAPP Archive/RS MEDIA WORLD)
M. Holmqvist – Managing Director of KNAPP AB. (Photo: KNAPP Archive/RS MEDIA WORLD)

state of the art

Swedish subsidiary Knapp has already supported Meritor with its services on previous projects. With the new system, the two companies are deepening their cooperation. The automation solution is scheduled to go into operation in Lindesberg in August 2022. “We are very proud to work with Meritor. The company’s history is one of innovation and a constant pursuit of business development. We are pleased to support the automotive supplier. This project is one of the best in the industry. We are very proud to be working with Meritor. Very special for us, it is a modern solution that reflects our diverse offering to the manufacturing industry.”

Meritor in brief

Meritor, Inc. is a leading global supplier of powertrain, brakes, powertrain solutions and accessories for commercial and industrial vehicles. For more than 110 years, the innovative company has been bringing efficient, reliable, high-performance products to market and providing customers around the world with trucks, trailers, highway vehicles, defense industrial vehicles, specialty vehicles and accessories. Meritor is headquartered in Troy, Michigan. 9,600 employees contribute their knowledge and skills in a variety of fields: in production halls, engineering centers, joint ventures, distribution centers and branches in a total of 19 countries around the world. Meritor common stock is traded on the New York Stock Exchange.

Meritor - The Swedish website of the American automobile supplier is located in Lindesberg.  (Photo: Meritor/RS MEDIA WORLD Archive)
Meritor – The Swedish website of the American automobile supplier is located in Lindesberg. (Photo: Meritor/RS MEDIA WORLD Archive)

almost soon

KNAPP is one of the leading technology companies providing efficient, safe and economical automation solutions for the entire value chain. In addition to customers from the wholesale and retail sectors, health, textile logistics and food trading, KNAPP also counts well-known production companies such as Terberg, Pankl Racing, Würth, Siemens and VW among its customers.

almost AB It is the Scandinavian branch of Knapp AG. With over 50 years of experience in the areas of automation and transportation solutions, the branch already supports more than 200 customers in Scandinavia in mastering their logistics challenges. | Just

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