Faulty seat heater? Summarize signs, restore and prices!

Seat heating adjustment experiments

Is there a defect in the seat heating in the car? How do you know that? And what should be considered in terms of repair and costs? We have summarized all the important information on this topic in this article. If the seat heating fails, it is not always due to a malfunction of the heating brushes inside the seat. The malfunction is most often caused by a faulty fuse or a damaged relay. Another indication of a malfunctioning seat heater is seat surfaces that do not heat at all or only partially. Also the seat heater which is Can’t play it or does not extinguish properly above a certain temperature, it should be urgently checked due to the risk of fire.

Is the seat heater defective?

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What are the reasons behind a defective seat heater? Depending on the symptoms, different triggers may be considered: Defective fuse or relay, defective seat heater switch, broken cable, or defective seat heating mat (For example due to appointment fatigue caused by kneeling on the bench, etc.). Workshop experts first have to determine the exact background as to why the seat heater fails. Therefore, it is necessary to check whether it is melted fuse A replacement is needed. If not, the file power supply Check in the respective seat. Also studies on keysIn the rotation and in cables You may need to implement it. If there is force in the seat, the cause may have to be sought within the seat. maybe there Defective heating mat.

Seat heating repair and costs incurred!

The type of repair that must be carried out depends on the defect. The easiest way is to replace the defective fuse, because material costs are high less than 1 euro. However, if there is a defect in the relay or the controller, the material costs are usually included From 10 to 100 euros quantify. In the event of a cable break, usually only that part of the cable harness, which is in between, needs to be replaced 50 and 500 euros can cost. They are usually only in the higher price bracket if the part can only be purchased as an original from the vehicle manufacturer (OE). A defective key that needs to be replaced is no less expensive. Because if the original part is required for this, it can be done with up to 200 EUR For reservations. If the switch is permanently installed in the switchboard or control element of the air conditioning system, it can be more expensive. Switches supplied as accessories can often be purchased as spare parts for a small amount of 10 euro can be purchased.

If you have a defective seat heating mat, you cannot avoid removing and partially disassembling the seat in question. After that, the heating mat can be replaced with a new one, which, according to the manufacturer, is between 50 and 300 euros costs. Of course, the time required also depends on the vehicle and its architecture. 10 minutes to 4 hours can be counted for diagnosis as well as a simple solution to the problem. If the diagnostic effort is more extensive, it may take 2 to 3 hours to replace the heating mats as well. Assuming an hourly wage of €100, labor costs would be around €20 to €700 informations: If the seat heating has been modified, you must take all the information as well as the invoice, description of the old product, and installation instructions with you to the workshop. This saves workshop staff time and money!

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