Controversy over conventional occupations: Will the horse-drawn carriages be abolished in Vienna quickly? – Panorama – Society

From the debate about limiting the heat-free regulation of animals from 35 to 30 degrees, a fundamental debate has erupted about whether horse-drawn carriages, “Fiaker” (the term refers to both horse-drawn wagons and their drivers), are still contemporary. A self-styled baron, local Vienna politicians and business associations are formed against animal protection organizations and federal policies. Right in the middle: a Vienna nightclub artist wants to ban cars in favor of gigs.

Since 2016, horses have been free from heat at temperatures above 35 degrees, and the debate over lowering the limit has been going on for nearly a long time. There have always been statements from federal and state politicians that they want to lower the temperature limit to 30 degrees, but that hasn’t happened yet.

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Federal Minister Johannes Rauch told the ORF, to restart the annual debate, which has since been no longer about hotter – freedom to regulate, but about something more fundamental turns.

“Apart from the heat, the question arises whether the use of taxis in a big city is still up to date at all. I think that is a bit outdated.” He would welcome a discussion about whether Vienna could do without Fiaker entirely.

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