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Fans of upgraded cars usually gather on Good Friday on Auto Friday. So the police in Baden-Württemberg checked about 1,250 cars.

On the occasion of the so-called car rally, the police in Baden-Württemberg have been carrying out increased checks – especially at local contact points such as Mannheim, Constance or Singen (the region of Constance). It found numerous flaws, and some drivers were not allowed to continue.

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Across the country, officials recorded 350 violations of demonstrations and illegal seizures. This was announced by the Ministry of the Interior in Baden-Württemberg. In 192 cases, unauthorized technical modifications to vehicles were found. It added that 82 vehicles were withdrawn from traffic. In addition, according to the information, eight illegal car races were registered and reported accordingly.


The investigation group “Poser” checked a total of 39 vehicles and 63 people during a major search operation in Mannheim on Good Friday, the police announced.

Potentially illegal car racing guarantees driving ban

From the point of view of the Ministry of the Interior, one of the particular incidents is a possible illegal motor racing in the area of ​​responsibility of the police headquarters in Offenburg (Ortenaukreis). Three drivers were found who were participating in the so-called “Easter Road – from Baden-Baden to Nancy”. Participants are accused of illegal overtaking maneuvers and excessive speeding. The Interior Ministry in Stuttgart said: “Investigations have begun with irresponsible drivers for their participation in an illegal race and the summons judge has issued a driving ban on German soil.”

Heilbronn Police checked 22 vehicles

On Friday evening, Heilbronn Police, primarily with civilian forces, searched for vehicles that were too fast, too loud, over-tuned or unclear, and checked, among other things, whether technical specifications were being complied with. And the Presidency announced, on Holy Saturday, that 22 vehicles and their drivers were examined during the monitoring operations.

The police found technical defects in about half – four cars had to stop. One person was using drugs, a sports car driver tried to flee the police. Now he has to answer for a banned car race.


Police officer on duty and lights flashing (Photo: dpa Bildfunk, Symbolbild/dpa/Karl Josef Hildenbrand)

On Saturday night, the police conducted extensive searches against the so-called poser scene. Defects were found in ten cars.

Göppingen and Ulm draw the ‘Car-Friday’ balance sheet

Illegal street racing, 230 vehicles were checked, 30 of which had major defects: this is the result of a police check in the Göppingen region and the Ulm region. On Friday, officials focused mainly on prohibited racing, car tampering and speeding, police announced late Friday night.

Officials found defects in a total of 30 cars and motorcycles on Good Friday, which is why 15 drivers are no longer allowed to drive. Five drivers received a report of their situation, unnecessary acceleration and 13 others because they were driving too fast. Drivers involved in illegal street racing should also expect a show. Police announced more controls.

Allen Police Headquarters inspected 126 vehicles

Allen Police Headquarters examined a total of 126 vehicles in the Rems-Murr district, in the Ostalb district and in the Schwäbisch Hall district. It found 16 infractions, most of which were illegal technical changes. The driver had to leave his car.

Relatively quiet in Singen

In Singen, it was quieter on Good Friday compared to previous years, police said when asked by SWR. A total of 37 violations were registered in the area of ​​police headquarters in Constance. These were mainly unauthorized technical modifications to vehicles and excessive noise.

Singen City has banned meetings with seized cars across the city during Easter. Anyone who violates this should expect a hefty fine. In addition, cars can be confiscated.

“Car-Friday” kicks off the summer season

For a number of years, the tuning scene also used Good Friday in Baden-Württemberg as “Car Friday” to meet and drive around in tuned cars. Illegal races are also organised. “Car-Friday” (Car-Friday) is on the scene as the starting signal for the summer season.

The Ministry of the Interior in Baden-Württemberg reports that there is a danger to road safety and noise pollution for the population. The synthesis scene has also become very popular due to the Corona pandemic. The Interior Ministry said the number is now estimated at several thousand members.

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