As a result of gasoline costs transcend all limits, besides whereas driving!

2 . plastic nose bracket gas cap

At a time when politicians are taking every little opportunity to extract the last cent of a citizen, you have to be creative. At the moment this concerns (Among other things) fuel prices. Fuel prices updated every day On the road. However, not many people can leave their cars behind, so here are some tips to help you can save fuel. Driving at a time when fuel prices are skyrocketing is an expensive pleasure. There are many tips and tricks to ensure your fuel budget lasts longer. In this way, the fuel consumption of the vehicle can be reduced.

shift properly

At first Accelerate quickly and turn in time. Professionals give advice on about 2000 rpm turn up. The desired pace should be more with a low speed to be driven. You should only lower the gear when the engine complains of jerking. By the way, modern vehicles show which gear is currently the best and there are also recommendations for ecological shifting.

Manual Transmission Automatic Transmission

Let the car roll.

If you drive after sight, you can drive in some situations roll Leave it and you don’t have to brake. In the case of transmission, the Engine brake They can be used by either taking out the gas or turning down. This also works with automatic if you manually turned Maybe. Basically the rule applies: Driving slower and more steadily consumes less fuel than driving faster with a lot of braking. Driving at the limit of performance in particular consumes a lot of fuel. Anyone who wants to drive evenly on the highway or on a flat road should use Cruise Control to use.

cruise control system 2

Don’t forget to evacuate!

You often drive things that don’t necessarily have to be in the car, such as drink boxes, inline skates, tool bags and many other small items. The Abu Dhabi Airports Company calculated that for 100 kilograms, which you drive 100 kilometers unnecessarily, the fuel consumption is about 0.3 liters upload. And TÜV Süd has another tip in this regard. If roof boxes, bike carriers, or the like are installed on the roof, although they are not currently needed, the vehicle needs up 2 liters extra fuel to 100 km.

Empty all useless items from the interior of the trunk E1634815699215

The investment is worth it.

It has also been proven that the use of special fuel-saving tires can save up to half a liter of fuel for a distance of more than 100 km. Although these tires expensive than traditional tires, but it has another advantage in addition to the fuel saving effect. Since they have low rolling resistance, the service life is also increased, at least with respect to the wear area. So you can save with these tires in two places, putting your purchase costs back into perspective.

Low Friction Tires Fuel Saving Tires Energy Saving Tires 3

Fill up at low prices.

According to the unanimous opinion, refueling between 6 pm and 7 pm and between 8 pm and 10 pm is often cheaper. On the other hand, fuel prices tend to rise in the morning. There are apps from ACE, ADAC and other third-party providers that display prices at various gas stations At present It gives users an excellent opportunity to compare. If there are several gas stations nearby, they can be reached quickly, especially in urban areas, without having to take a long detour. If the tank is empty, the fuel at the far gas station should be at least two years less and the distance should be no more than five kilometers. Otherwise it does not pay off! There are also regularly large price differences between providers.

fuel prices saving gasoline driving gas station

Plan your trips wisely.

Just short distances Not good for the car and consumes a lot of fuel. The gasoline engine initially allows for a rich mixture when it is cold, which means that it consumes more than when it is at the ideal temperature. There are two options here. Either use your bike for short distances, walk, or combine several short rides. Of course you should too public transportation services Do not forget.

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Don’t let it heat up while still!

It’s harmful to the environment, it’s prohibited and doesn’t really work. If the engine has been running for an hour at a dead stop, it needs 0.5 to 1 liter Fuel Modern cars have an automatic start-stop system, in which it is worth turning off the engine after a 20-second stop. pregnancy For starters, the battery is very low, but the advantage to the environment and fuel consumption is enormous. Pay attention to the number of times you stop at a traffic light or a railway intersection each day. If your car does not have this auto start system, you are welcome to operate the key manually to achieve this effect. Modern vehicles show up to how long the engine has been idle since the start of the last trip and the mileage with the fuel saved In addition to It can be driven.

Engine warm-up E1607248072969

Use less power tricks, lower fuel consumption.

First of all, it must be said that safety-related things are allowed Definitely not saved, including lighting and windshield heater or windshield wipers. This would save in the wrong place. But the seat heating, steering wheel heating and the seat massage function can be turned off again as quickly as possible or not at all.

Steering wheel heating adjustment

Check tire pressure regularly.

If the tires are not well inflated, handling may deteriorate and braking distances may increase. Even 0.5 bar pressure in tires can reduce fuel consumption up to five percent Elevation can be left. Moreover, tires wear out faster. Therefore, we recommend checking tire pressure The fuel stops every second or once a month to make sure. When determining the value, you should always follow the manufacturer’s instructions. Modern cars always monitor the correct value due to TPMS sensors.

Bar Bar PSI Converts Tire Air Pressure

Of course that was far from that!

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