Yamaha Tracer 7: Driving Report, Knowledge, Photos, and Worth

The Yamaha Tracer 7 is a twin crossover based on the MT-07. It provides plenty of driving pleasure for beginners and experts at an attractive price. Until 2020 the model was called Tracer 700. Driving report, information, photos and technical data.

  • Good working environment and agility

  • Euro 5 . certified engine

  • 48 HP version available

Yamaha had already worked out the recipe in 2016: Take the CP2-compatible two-cylinder engine and nearly 700 cc of displacement from the successful Yamaha MT-07, put the engine in a pressed-steel frame and deck the whole thing out with a sport-tour-style half-shell streamline. Coordination.

There is also a contemporary Euro 5 . approved engine tuning, refined chassis, streamlining including ubiquitous LED lighting and improved ergonomics. This takes care Good agility and pleasant rest. For 9,174 euros it is hard to find a better motorcycle on the market.

74 hp engine, good range

Top for roving passengers: Screen height can be adjusted with one hand © Yamaha

One of the main reasons for this is the drive from the engine, which has been reduced by a good 1 horsepower as a result of EU 5 regulations. Instead of 55 kW / 75 hp, it only delivers less than 74 hp, but it is no longer 9000, but at 8750 rev. The engine’s characteristics – powerful, spinning, and vibration-free – were not affected in the least by the hygiene handling.

This engine, which Yamaha uses on a whole range of models, is still one of the best in motorcycles today. From 2000 revolutions, it takes gas cleanly, provides good compression in the middle and shows its full potential in excess of 7000 rpm. In addition, if you do not hold it down, it will be a file economical engine. With a standard WMTC consumption of 4.3 liters per 100 km and considering the 17-liter tank, Yamaha speaks of an operating radius of about 400 km for the Tracer 7.

Good structure, easy to handle

Good passenger comfort: the back seat is comfortably padded © Yamaha

The traditional structure has always been popular. Thanks to an updated telescopic fork and center spring strut, both components can now be better tuned to the driver’s personal requirements. The handling is satisfactory too. Yamaha designed the handlebars so that the machine turns easily and its stability is not affected. It is a pity that the transmission portability on the test bike was not satisfactory, sometimes it went wrong gear change parts.

Clutch and 3-disc brake system included Well organized ABS It’s easy to use and does its job well, with the fork dipping deep under heavy idling.

Yamaha Tracer 7: Aggressive design

Good looks: Sport front with LED headlights © Yamaha

The chassis of the car is unmistakably similar to the Tracer 900 and R1 models with separate LED headlights, which is convenient and practical thanks to the windshield. subordinate front glass It can be set without steps with one hand, which the test rider has never experienced on any other motorcycle. Driving is also comfortable due to the padded seat, which is more than a centimeter thicker in the rear area compared to the previous model. The cockpit LCD instrument is easy to read and features the usual in-class features — trip meters, engine, ambient temperature and gear indicator — but it works without the dial jokes.

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Yamaha could be more generous though payload be: about 180kg very economical for a motorbike with side bags, which the manufacturer certifies as suitable for two people and for which a travel package is offered as an accessory, which is subject to a fee.

Otherwise, there’s nothing to criticize about the little Yamaha that can’t be improved over a slew of other motorcycles: Angled tire valves will make it easier to check air pressure, and an automatic turn signal will increase safety on the road.

48 hp engine for beginners

Easy to read cockpit LCD instrument © Yamaha

The Tracer 7 is a beginner-friendly motorcycle (also available with 48 HP to match the A2 license) that advanced riders and experts can enjoy just as much. With its most fun engine, a humble engine Empty weight 196 kgGood operation and good comfort In a safe chassis, the Yamaha Tracer 7, available in three colors, is fully worth its price of 9,174 euros. And if you want to go a little further, there are four attractive gear sets available as accessories.

Yamaha Tracer 7 specifications

Factory information


Liquid-cooled inline two-cylinder engine, displacement 689 cc, 4 valves per cylinder, DOHC, 54 kW / 74 hp, 67 Nm at 6500 rpm, injection, 6 gears, chain

landing gear

Steel bridge frame, telescopic fork up front 41mm, spring 130mm, rear aluminum arm swingarm, center spring strut, preload and adjustable rebound damping, spring 142mm, alloy wheels, 120/70 R 17 front tires 180/55 R 17 rear. 282mm dual disc brakes front, 245mm rear single disc brakes

mass and weight

Wheelbase 1460 mm, seat height 840 mm, ready-to-drive weight 196 kg, tank capacity 17 liters

Driving performance and consumption

Standard consumption 4.3 l / 100 km


from 9,174 euros

Text: Ulf Böhringer / SP-X

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