That is how manufacturing and IT create cybersecurity collectively

Markus Grathol of NTT Data Germany and Ricardo Hormann of Volkswagen (from left to right) tackle the topic of cybersecurity in the APK stage. (Photo: facesbyfrank)

How does the meaningful relationship between production and cybersecurity work? Ricardo Hormann, Volkswagen Security Specialist, and Marcus Gratul, Director of Cyber ​​Security Business Development at NTT Data Germany, will talk about this on the stage of the Automotive Production Conference. OT security deals with the technology used to protect production facilities, systems, and information. Until recently, the security mechanism was to isolate production as best as possible in order to protect sensitive information and operations from third parties. According to Hormann, production has been able to keep its head above water for a long time thanks to its own expertise in cybersecurity, and the point has now been reached where the complexity of IT is pushing production to its limits.

When comparing information technology and operational technology, it should be noted that in IT confidentiality of information is the highest priority, but in the field of operational technology, the availability of data and systems should be given priority. In order to be able to ensure complete security of industrial systems and protect against cyber attacks in the future, information technology and production must enter into increasing interchange.

Information technology and production need win-win solutions

For this purpose, the OT specialist from Volkswagen formulated two important conclusions. On the other hand, implementing tools and regulations is pointless. New services and solutions must be introduced to users so that they can be developed and improved together. On the other hand, the main focus of these services provided will be to provide benefits to both the production and IT department.

As an example of projects, Hormann cites the Intrusion Detection System, in which sensors to analyze network data are integrated into a production network, and the Industrial Security Operations Center, a highly scalable web platform that combines data sources for security and production areas. The former is facilitated by alerting in the event of violations IT work and at the same time enable more transparency in production. The latter, in turn, enhances cooperation and communication between the two areas.

More security through consistent risk management

Following these examples, Markus Grathwohl outlines the NTT Data project’s approach to OT security. According to the logo “I can only protect what I see” In his opinion, it should be ensured that all hardware and software systems used are clear. Within the next two steps, the focus will be on potential risks and vulnerabilities that can be circumvented by creating an appropriate IT security strategy. From here, the focus will be on permanently reducing risks, long-term planning through training and contingency plans, and constant monitoring. Finally, Grathwohl advises: “You need to tackle cybersecurity anyway, so do it ASAP! “

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