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Volkswagen brand outlook: electrification across all models

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Volkswagen is significantly expanding its family of ID cards; There will even be an electric station wagon. At the same time, the upcoming Passat and Tiguan will receive the latest development stages of the plug-in hybrid.

The ID-6 station wagon should be available in 2024.

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Volkswagen is expanding its family of ID cards. ID 3 and ID 4 on the street. A coupe version of the ID 4, ID 5, will be added soon, and there is also a GTX sports version with all-wheel drive 220 kW. What’s probably the most emotional electric model of the bunch to follow this fall: ID Buzz.

The old truck starts with 150 kW / 204 hp rear-wheel drive, along with a 77 kWh battery that should provide power for nearly 500 kilometres. Another version with a longer wheelbase will be launched in 2023. It is very likely that the space gained in the floor will be used for more battery units.

Fall 2023: Market launch for ID 6

Number five in the ID timeline is called ID 6. The model will surpass all other electric vehicles in size. If the corridor radio at the Wolfsburg headquarters is correct, the talk is five meters long and three meters wheelbase. The sedan with the project name “Aero B” is similar to the Arteon in silhouette – it expires in 2024 – and it also has a large tailgate. Volkswagen will likely show the ID 6 for the first time this year.

Mercedes is expanding the range of its electric cars with EQE, among other things.

A market launch is then scheduled for fall 2023. In terms of driving, Volkswagen is using the standard MEB system as usual, but it gives the rear engine more power than the current 150 kW on other models. The all-wheel drive model will likely scratch the 300 kW / 408 hp mark.

2024: start of station wagon ID-6

The ID-6 station wagon will start in 2024 with the same configuration. VW has yet to reveal whether it will be called a variant (traditional), release brake (modern), or even a different pseudonym entirely.

However, what is agreed upon is ample space and a very large cargo area, which should hold more than 1,900 liters. In the cockpit, VW allegedly wants to further reduce the instrument cluster behind the steering wheel and place more emphasis on the center display and front display.

Passat 9th generation

However, the ID 6 Variant will not replace the Passat Variant, the mother of all the German company’s station wagons and cars, in its first life cycle. Because Volkswagen sticks to its important base model and will launch the ninth generation of Passat (B9) in early 2024; The show will take place in 2023.

B9 traditionally remains under sheet metal. A 2-liter gasoline engine and an equally large diesel were planned. There will also be a GTE plug-in hybrid drive, which is currently in the final stages of development. The goal: higher efficiency, more power, and longer range. It should be more than 80 kilometers.

The third generation of Tiguan

The same technology is present in the new Tiguan, which is planned for 2023. The successful compact SUV, Volkswagen’s best-selling model to date after the Golf, will be in its third generation. The extended wheelbase version with up to seven seats is likely to be a victim of the cutbacks.

Also in 2023, there are product upgrades for the Golf and ID 3, which mainly relate to the usual visual changes to the front and rear. Improved software – including better audio control – was already installed on both models at the beginning of this year.

2025: Series production begins for ID 2

A few years ago, ID Buggy and ID Rugged showed that the studies described do not necessarily lead to a chain model. The first was created in collaboration with then E-Go Mobile founder G√ľnther Schuh. Nothing came of it. The ID Rugged, a Tiguan-sized SUV designed in a rustic off-road look, originally announced for 2023, has been rejected again. For now, ID 4 will still be Volkswagen’s entry-level electric SUV.

The Ariya will be the first Nissan car to adopt a new electric vehicle architecture.

The ID Life draft, presented last fall by Volkswagen at IAA Mobility in Munich, was also not suitable for serial production. But the chubby and controversial design received a lot of criticism from the public and – much more importantly – eventually confronted those in charge of the Volkswagen Group. The small electric vehicle, which will likely be called ID 2 in the production version, is off the table, but not nonetheless. The pen started drawing again. Serial production should then begin in 2025.

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