How Zalando, Sartorius, Porsche Automobil Holding, Deutsche Publish, BMW and Volkswagen Vz introduced. Subjects for dialogue in DAX

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Porsche Automotive Holding Company

01.06 10:58 –

Segavest | 00VVAKFL
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Porsche broke out of the 2-month downtrend yesterday and confirmed the breakout to the upside today. The next target may be to reach the 200-day line around €83.

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With a weight of 10% because in the Dax and ES50 it is among the top 5 dividend stocks

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BMW (ST) listing in wikifolio: – due to insider purchase Purchase date: May 30, 2022 Number of units: 9 Weight: 0.51%
Volkswagen vz

05/30 08:44

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Volkswagen CEO Herbert Diess issued a declaration of war against Tesla on CNBC: “As early as 2025, Volkswagen will sell more electric cars than /s/us88160r1014?src=search_top&searchTerm = Tesla While about 6.7 million electric cars were sold worldwide last year, Tesla sold about 940,000 electric cars and 763,000 Volkswagens.The VW ID.3 and ID models were sold. 4 already in 2022. So demand is high, but it remains to be seen if that will suffice against Tesla’s sales numbers. The truth is that VW will continue to play an important role in the e-mobility market in the future. Source (English): https:/ /

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Wiener Börse Plausch S2/40: Hottest Bet KapschTrafficCom, New Immofinanz Idea, RBI No. 2 and Acquisition Committee

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1. Porsche Automobile Holdings on 1.6. 4.05%, volume 101% of normal days

2. BMW 1.6. 2.11%, volume 91% of normal days

The third Volkswagen Vz. 1.6. 2.02%, volume 91% of normal days

4. Deutsche Post on 1.6. -3.18%, volume 110% of normal days

5. Sartorius on June 1st. -5.86%, volume 83% of normal days

6. Zalando on June 1. -6.58% volume 123% of normal days

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Strabag SE is a European technology group for construction services. The offer spans all areas of the construction industry and covers the entire construction value chain. Thanks to the commitment of nearly 72,000 employees, the company generates an annual production of about 14 billion euros (as of 06/17).

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Porsche Automotive Holdings on the 1st of June. 4.05%, volume 101% of normal days

BMW 1.6. 2.11%, volume 91% of normal days

Volkswagen Vz. 1.6. 2.02%, volume 91% of normal days

Deutsche Post 1.6. -3.18%, volume 110% of normal days

Sartorius on June 1 -5.86%, volume 83% of normal days

Zalando on June 1 -6.58% volume 123% of normal days

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