Harley-Davidson Low Rider ST 117: Journey report, pictures, and worth

The Harley-Davidson Low Rider ST 117 is the first Softail model to feature the mighty Milwaukee Eight engine. Will this cruiser turn into an electric bike? Driving report, data and price.

  • Comfortable and travel friendly

  • Good gradient clearance

  • Extremely dynamic engine

The Harley-Davidson Softail family has now grown to nine models. This is the most important common feature of this series cruiser unsprung rear wheel. So far, customers have had a choice between two engines, the Milwaukee-Eight 107 and the larger and more powerful 114 version.

Now, for the first time, a larger engine built by Harley-Davidson for production motorcycles is finding its way into a cruiser model: the Milwaukee-Eight 117 with a displacement of 1,923 cc and an output of 78 kW / 106 hp. It is installed in the Low Rider S and in the new Low Rider ST, which is available from 21,595 euros.

S for sports, T for round

Suitable for road trips: The letter ST on Low Rider stands for sports tours © Harley Davidson

The letters ST stand for Sport-Touring. In practice, this means that the popular Low Rider S received a sweeping cockpit panel attached to the frame and two narrow side bags, as well as small modifications to the chassis. This increases the seat height a little, which is why the handlebars are installed a little higher. Additional comfort gear increases the weight of the 308 (S). 327 kg (Street).

Stunning 106 HP Engine

Power performance: Starting at 2,000 revolutions, the driver extends his arms © Harley Davidson

The most important feature of the Low Rider ST is the 117 cubic inch V2. 45 degree twin all black painted great performance Down visually, acoustically and from a performance point of view. The angular intake air duct, also painted black, with the exposed filter element on the right side of the engine, cannot be missed. The sequence of numbers 1-1-7 indicates the superior engine. Because the coolant for the partially liquid-cooled Milwaukee Eight engine is discreetly hidden between the two tire tubes, the side view of the engine looks as if it was classically air-cooled.

As you’d expect, the 117 goes to work with strength. From 1200 revolutions, he takes gas, from 1500 pressure builds up, from 2000 he stretches the driver’s arms. Speeds above 3500 rounds are seldom available, because a higher gear of the same speed, the very interesting game starts all over again. Visually keeping track of these values ​​is not easy: they have them at Harley-Davidson Devices remain accurate, so that you have to look for it after climbing for the first time. The sound of the engine is basically sufficient for information input. The ST looks sturdy and robust, but isn’t annoying.

Harley-Davidson Low Rider ST 117 Pictures

It can be easily controlled even on winding roads

The Low Rider ST is visually dominated by the wide panels. The designers chose the classic Sport Glide as a model. The ST’s circular center lamp, complete with LEDs, and two side vents create a visual bridge to the original. In terms of aerodynamics, however, the ST model is noticeably more complex than the model: there is speed on the country road Do not disturb the helmet And no noise either.

to me lean angle freedom To zoom in on the ST, Harley-Davidson raised the rear a bit. For this purpose, a spring-loaded strut hidden under the seat was lengthened and could be adjusted in preload using a handwheel. On winding country roads, the Low Rider ST proves to be the best in its weight class Easy to handle motorcycle. The seated position and nicely shaped handlebars make it easy to turn with pinpoint accuracy, and freedom in lean corners is good enough for a smooth ride. The most essential weekend baggage fits in the two side cases with a total volume of about 54 liters. Thanks to its easy-to-use and quick-release fastener, it can be easily disassembled if necessary.

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Overall, the Low Rider ST’s handling is convincing: the suspension quality is correct, the three-disc brakes decelerate reliably and easily with modest effort, and the ABS keeps the bike on track if needed and regulated quickly enough. lightning reaction from Auto turn signal reset.

The sensor technology used by Harley-Davidson is unparalleled. Just like the feel of the saddle in the Low Rider ST, it’s unique: A combination of the largest and most powerful chain drive from the 119-year-old Motor Company with a fairly pristine chassis with little to no frills gear promises tough cycling with the guarantee of a lasting smile.

Harley-Davidson Low Rider ST 117 . specifications

Factory information

Engine / gear

45-degree air- and liquid-cooled V2, transversely mounted, displacement 1923 cc, four valves per cylinder, 78 kW / 106 hp at 5020 rpm, 169 Nm at 3500 rpm; Injection, 6-speed, timing belt

Driving performance and consumption

Maximum speed 180 km / h, standard consumption 5.5 l / 100 km

landing gear

Double-ring tubular steel frame, the top layer in spine construction; US$43mm front forks, 130mm travel; Triangular swing arm made of tubular steel, square steel profile and molded elements at the rear, center spring strut (hydraulically adjustable preload), spring 112 mm; Cast aluminum wheels Front 110/90 B 19, Rear 180/70 B 16; 300mm disc brakes at the front, 292mm single disc brakes at the rear

mass and weight

Wheelbase 1615 mm, seat height 720 mm, ready-to-drive weight 327 kg, payload 199 kg. Tank capacity 18.9 liters

assistance systems

ABS, immobilizer, keyless start, cruise control, turn signal reset


black, gray



Text: Ulf Böhringer / SP-X

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