GDR College or Manor? These properties are positioned beneath the hammer in Saxony-Anhalt

Oschersleben / Dessau / Halle More and more people are desperately looking for affordable housing. Can current auctions help? After all, truly exceptional real estate in Saxony-Anhalt should attract buyers. We’ve rounded up the most exciting stuff for you. But beware: Not all of these things are meant for a small wallet.

Have you always wanted to own a hotel? Then how about it Hotel Parkschlosschen in Waldrogysen, district of Wüstenjerichow? The hotel has 140,000 square meters of land and everything is available for a relaxing trip to Jerichower Land and Magdeburg, which can be reached in just 30 minutes by car. Large balcony and parking space attached to the house. From there, the owner can take direct trips to the large nature reserve Möckern-Magdeburgerforth – provided he can pay the 1,850,000 euros Pay the purchase price.

One The school standing in the city Eat For sale in Black Elster. It is located in the Holzdorf district and thus directly on the border with the Federal State of Brandenburg and has been converted to be disabled to access. Heideschule was opened in 1981 as a day care centre. Eight large classes are available there and can be changed for auction in a limit 59,000 euros owner.

Offers the same fading scale but rich in history villawho am I Kleinkühnau district in Dessau-Roßlau Looking for a buyer. The advertised home for lovers is waiting for a plot of 4,500 square meters. The villa was built in the 1900s as a summer home according to the plans of the architect Paul Rathke, who was well known in Dessau, for businessman Ernst Schutz, who owned what was then the Anhalter Wallpaper Factory and was known for his great taste. Half ruined now €150,000 Come under the hammer.

As a whole group of houses Can north of the city center Halle on Saale It can be purchased in the Trotha area. It consists of seven apartment buildings with a total of 55 renovated housing units and is located near Saale and “Klausberge”, a natural and local recreation area. There is also a dedicated garden association right next door. Accordingly, the acquisition of the group promises the buyer, as well as the tenants, a high recreational value. with auction limit of 4,590,000 EUR However, the thing is not for the small wallet.

former manor wait in Oschersleben In bud for new owners. The manor house was formerly owned by Marinthal Abbey. It was sold in 1806 by Duke Friedrich Wilhelm von Braunschweig to a wealthy family, and 60 years later gave it the look it is today. The main house also has several outbuildings and a total floor area of ​​7,363 square metres. Should cost the new owner or owners 269,000 EUR.

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