A contemporary begin for the Lislelot Zee in Frankfurt

sShe knows the world of fashion like no other, and although she has been in this field for almost 50 years, she still lacks fashion. In an era when others have long been enjoying their retirement, Frankfurt fashion icon Lislot Zeh has dared Oeder Weg once again to “bravely enter a new age,” as she puts it.

Six months ago, Zeh moved her “Lilo” shop to the corner of the intersection because it was too quiet for her on Kleine Hochstrasse. Since Marimico’s exit, a section of the corner house with shop windows has remained empty. There is a lot going on before that. Although the traffic in the Oeder Weg is now quiet, there are plenty of cars nearby; Cyclists and pedestrians anyway. She says she loves liveliness.

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“Welcome!” It says above the store door – as with Men Limited, the adjacent men’s fashion and gift shop, which Goran Djukic has run there since 2020. Zee and Djukic have been good friends for many years and developed the concept of “Lilo” together.

Most of the furniture – shelves, showcases, a sturdy cash desk and an Art Deco sideboard – was moved with us. With smart furniture, the two took advantage of the turbulent room due to the many windows and niches.

Some of the labels that Zeh sells are already well known from Kleine Hochstrasse, where fashion boutiques are no longer as luxurious as they were in the early days, when they brought names like Romeo Gigli, Claude Montana, Bottega Veneta and Prada to Frankfurt and sometimes made their first known names. However, the retailer still doesn’t sell mainstream clothing, but with brands like Odeeh, Lis Lareida or Henry Christ, a cashmere specialist from Hamburg, chic, sophisticated fashion is suitable for everyday use, but has a price. Among them are classic long white sweaters (€249), shirt dresses with a beautiful antique check (580€), new summer styles from Moschino boutique as well as delicately knitted summer sweaters in cashmere and silk (€280). Zeh says clients – these are women of all ages – on a normal income don’t usually buy such parts every day. Instead, they put their favorite things in the closet, which they usually enjoy for a long time.

Knowledge has never been more valuable

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A place for new things

Zeh says she appreciates the good exchange and good cooperation with young fashion designers. It still has a nice spot for wines and continues to mingle old with new in the boutique. She can help herself from a large swimming pool, because since the 1970s Zeh has been collecting special items of clothing, sketchbooks, and mementos like invitation cards from the time she was still exploring and had connections with international designers and the fashion scene.

I booked upstairs at the Oeder Weg for these collected treasures – a small museum above the shop, if you will. Visitors reach the grounds via a narrow spiral staircase. Lilo Zee loves to sit with a view of the store, “my favorite place,” as she puts it. Perhaps a perfect place to think about new things.

Lilo. Querstrasse 2, Frankfurt; Monday to Saturday 10:30 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. by appointment; www.lilo-frankfurt.com

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