“Then I might moderately keep at house.”

(Motorsport-Total.com) – Since the announcement of MotoGP’s exit at the end of the season, Suzuki has been unable to score any points. After the complete failure at Le Mans, the two Suzuki drivers also crashed at Mugello.

Joan Mir is now only P9 in the tournament after two zeros in a row


In the case of Alex Rins, Honda rider Takaaki Nakagami wasn’t completely uninvolved (which it did). On the other hand, Joan Mir has fallen due to a leadership error on her part. It was a disappointing weekend end for the 2020 world champion.

“I knew our group was going to be tough in 23 laps,” Mer admits. “I was driving behind (Jorge) Martin and another passenger. At the end of the straight I slipped. I couldn’t stop the bike any further and got off the line. Then I lost the front wheel.”

Problems entering corners and cornering speed

“I don’t know what happened this weekend,” said Meyer, who has not set good lap times in practice. “We missed corner speeds from last year by a huge margin. Whenever I tried, I couldn’t get into corners.”

Joan Mir

Joan Mir has withdrawn from the races at Le Mans and Mugello due to accidents Zoom

The former champion explains: “I don’t know, it’s hard to say something. We have to improve a lot if we want to achieve something. If I have to fight for these positions, I’d rather stay at home.”

What has brought Mir back so far in Mugello? “It’s at the corner entrance. I can’t slow the bike properly and I don’t have the necessary cornering speed. I can’t ride the way I want to,” the Spaniard explains. “I waste time on long curves. These are usually our strengths,” he says.

What role does MotoGP exit news play?

Bottom line, Suzuki has a lot of problems, although the bike isn’t much different from last year. “Something is wrong,” says Meyer. Is the news of Suzuki’s exit significant? “I want to believe it’s not because of that. We’re in a tough situation. We’re motivated to do a good job. It’s not like it’s over. No, we have a championship ahead of us,” he confirms. .

Alex Rains

Alex Rins hasn’t scored a single point in the past three races Zoom

His teammate Alex Rins was also having a tough race but looked more competitive than Joan Mir. “I rode with great confidence this weekend. We were able to show our speed. It wasn’t bad. We were fast. But the problem was with the bad grid position,” said the Spaniard.

Can Reigns explain why Meyer was so slow? Did he have the same problems? “I also had some problems getting into the corner. But when you drive at the limit it’s normal. I know he worked on a lot of things over the weekend. They changed the swingarm and other things. He suffered more this weekend.” Rinse notes.

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