Night wikifolio whispers about Bayer, Porsche Automobil Holding, DWS Group, Borussia Dortmund, Covestro, Alphabet-A, Manz and RWE

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@yannikYBpretzel (270287BZ): Take Profit Bayer – Partial Sell Date: 01/06/2022 Units: 9 Weight: 0.44% Profit: 6.50% (06/01/2022 12:30)

Porsche Automotive Holding Company


SegaVest (00VVAKFL): Porsche broke out of the 2-month downtrend yesterday and confirmed the breakout to the upside today. The next target may be to reach the 200-day line around €83. (01.06.11:58)

DWS . group


Fundraising (Discounting): DWS shares will pay a dividend of €2.00 per share at the end of next week, so based on the already low price for the day of €31.00 per share, I expect prices to be under €30.00. Over the next two weeks or so, I’ll try to get in here with a discount I made today at €28.85 without the risk of a knockout. I’m anticipating a dividend, so to speak, and even taking a total discount of €2.15 on today’s rate. I am very satisfied with it. (01.06.11:54)

DWS . group


Invest AG (GTC): CEO Asoka Wöhrmann has to resign after the next general meeting. The reason was a raid on the green wash. At first glance, this is not good news. But things are going well operationally. On 09.06. is HV. Expected dividend yield: 6%. (01.06. 10:38)

Borussia Dortmund


Fundraising (Discounting): At BVB my wikifolio debit strategy worked and the stock rose to the €4.10 mark today. I’m actually selling my discount machine, which is still running for 3 weeks and making a max of €4, at €3.95, with only a few cents left of the price gain. If the BVB stock drops below €4 again, I will buy the September discount. You should be able to start again for around 3.75€ (discount price). (01.06. 10:18)

DWS . group


Quantum 01 (AH2448TO): On the DWS kit, I keep my feet steady (no subsequent purchases). When dividends are paid, there are likely to be better (subsequent) buying opportunities. Reputation damage (greenwashing) and high inflation (less money savings) speak against buying the stock right now… (06/01/09:15)



KOALA (ANGIE): The center has been expanded because the course is very cheap and the opportunities are increasing (01.06. 08:29)

The alphabet letters


UweNanninga (MRAKTIE): Google’s Alphabet and the Bear Market.



totti1965 (METAWIKI): Manz AG will be speculative advice at Effecten Spiegel tomorrow, June 2, 2022. Listing on Bonanza wikifolio! (06/01/07:44)



HuLuTrader (HULUINC1): RWE is challenging the market situation. After yesterday’s signal, entry was achieved at 41.10 today. The goal is to start the top of the correction again and allow the trade to breathe in order for the potential trend to continue. (01.06. 07:21)

BSN . podcast

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Wiener Börse Plausch S2/39: Analysis of the mortgage problem including idea of ​​a way out, OMV under tension

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