eBay: 5 Promoting Methods for Auctions

There are many eBay selling strategies that will help you earn more in auctions and market your products better. In this practical tip, we explain 5 simple sales strategies for an online auction house.

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1. Shop online products all over the world

eBay is not only available in Germany. You should keep this in mind when deciding which countries the auction should be available in.

  • Showcase your articles around the world. In addition to the German description, you can also write it in English.
  • Although there are high shipping costs, it is usually paid by the buyer of the item.
  • You should also accept PayPal as a payment method, as it is one of the easiest international payment methods. In addition, PayPal protects the seller and buyer, which increases the chance of a joint transaction being successful.
eBay Auction: Pay via PayPal

2. Auction ends

When you list your items for auction on eBay, you must choose the appropriate time to end the auction:

  • Many users bid again shortly before the auction ends.
  • Therefore, the end should be during the time your target audience is sitting on their computers or smartphone. Thus 12:00 am is an inappropriate time.
  • Good times to end the auction are Friday and Sunday evenings from 5 PM to 9 PM. But be warned: eBayers also sit in front of the TV during football matches.
eBay: Second Last Bid
eBay: Second Last Bid

3. Start low

eBay ad: Users can be prosecuted so quickly

The auction start price is critical: some are just browsing eBay to get a bargain.

  • Attract more potential customers with a low starting price.
  • A starting price of 1 euro often makes sense, since you usually avoid fees. However, for very high value items, such as expensive electrical items, you must enter a higher starting price, otherwise the auction may be unnecessarily long.
  • Tip: With the free program Baywotch, you can search for other auctions and check what prices other users have been able to achieve on similar auctions and whether the €1 auction is worth it.

4. How to find your auction

eBay offers several categories that you can sort your item into. The user finds your product when he searches for such an article.

  • Think about the category in which you will search for your item. The more specific they are, the more times they will find your offer.
  • For example, if you sell a pair of shoes, you should also select the category based on shoe size, brand, and shoe type.
  • Your auction title is also important. The more keywords in the title, the faster your offer will be found via the search query. However, be careful not to just “slap” the title with keywords.
  • For example, name the auction “Samsung Printer (b / w) SCX 3400 – WLAN / Laser / Scan”. Here the potential buyer immediately gets to know what product it is and at the same time receives junk information that supports the WLAN printer, laser printing and scanning.

5. Make your offer acceptable

An important part of your presentation is the description. Take a few minutes and describe your item in detail:

  • When describing the item, you should provide as much detail as possible. If questions remain unanswered, this deters many customers. In Germany, there is a very high level of reluctance to ask the retailer directly.
  • Check the correct spelling and grammar. Otherwise, your product may not be found and professionals use this to make good purchases. In addition, it must be determined whether the new merchandise is still in their original packaging (in the case of books “still sealed”).
  • Selfies for your article are especially important. As a rule, customers get acquainted with professional images (eg from Google) and miss the image of the actual state of the product. Your images look original and you should not use images from the web in any way, as they are protected by copyright and you are responsible for prosecution if you continue to use them for commercial purposes.
  • Style is also important: format the product description and use different icons, bullets, fonts, and colors.
  • Disadvantages: defects are normal in used products – you should also name them precisely. This is how you avoid complaining in advance.

Video: eBay alternatives

eBay alternatives

If the auction is taking too long for you, you can also advertise your product for free on eBay classifieds. Read here the tips that you can use to make more money out there.

(Tip by: Niko Sapporoski)

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