Mourning in Weitersfelden: Josef Strauss (55) died in a bike accident

Weitersfelden is in shock: On Sunday, May 29, Joseph “Joe” Strauss, a business, volunteer and family man, was unexpectedly and completely through no fault of his own in a tragic traffic accident two days after his 55th birthday. He leaves a gap that cannot be bridged, both in his family and in public life.

WEITERSFELDEN. Joseph Strauss died two days ago in a traffic accident with his motorcycle. The 55-year-old was a party and faction leader in SPÖ Weitersfelden and a longtime member of the town council. He was also a member of Sportunion’s board of directors and was a very active shooter. “Joe was very committed and popular in our community,” Mayor Franz Xaver Holzel says in deep sadness. He was not only a friend of the deceased, but also was related to marriage. The entire Weitersfelden community was shocked and deeply affected.

Obituary by Franz Xavier Holzel

Joseph Strauss, affectionately called by everyone, Joe, was raised at seven of eleven children in a large family in Waldfield. After four years of primary school in Weitersfelden and four years of secondary school in St. Leonhard, he learned the trade as a mason. After a tragic work accident in which he sustained a shoulder injury, he retrained to be a stovetop fitter. In 2006 he began working for Voestalpine, first as a builder and group leader in refractory technology, and finally as a highly committed member of the Business Council.

His life was marked by work and help. As a perfect maker of masonry, tiles and tiles, he supported not only his brothers, but also his nephews, nephews, and most recently his son in particular when building the house. Because of the extended family, Joe has been working on the family business practically every year since his apprenticeship. In addition, he was wanted by his friends, firefighters and other colleagues for his art, who rarely refused and always offered to help him.

25 years of community service

Joe Strauss was also a public figure who was always willing to take responsibility and volunteer. As early as 1997 he was active in the community as an alternative consultant to the SPÖ, from 2003 to 2021 as a consultant and committed member of the construction committee. Since 2021, he has served as Chairman of the SPÖ, Leader of the Parliamentary Group and Chairman of the Examination Board in the Community. For Joe, in his 25-year commitment to society, consensus-based politics in the sense of the best possible further development of the Weitersfelden Society has always been at the forefront.

Too bad there is no work

He hated party political disagreements and thus made a significant contribution to Weitersfelden’s exemplary excellent political climate. In addition to attending meetings reliably, he was not above any extra work. He personally participated in a floor cleaning campaign recently. Even on his semi-circle birthday, he helped build the timber for Weitersfelden’s outdoor swimming pool. The outdoor pool renovation was a major concern for him, as he was extensively involved in the planning work as Vice President of the Outdoor Pool Support Association and prepared himself for the upcoming work, especially the paving work.

Firefighter and nature lover

As an avid hiker, Jo was also the longtime president of the Friends of Nature Weitersfelden and an active member of the Langfirling volunteer fire brigade. In addition to his extraordinary commitment to the new construction of the FF House, he was responsible for the medical services and, after related training, also participated in the FF Crisis Intervention Team in the Freistadt district. As an ardent shooter, he was a board member of Union Weitersfelden for many years. Of course, as an active member, he supports many other clubs such as Musikverein. In Waldfield himself, he was already involved in the construction of a decentralized wastewater treatment plant in 2007, of which he has been head since its inception.

Husband, father and grandfather

In addition to his many activities, Joe was a family man, happily married to his wife Rinat, the father of three children and a grandfather of three grandchildren. Unfortunately, he was not able to see the fourth grandson that he had expected. Children in general, but especially his grandchildren, with whom he always joked, like a funny grandfather, give him great joy.

Nightclub evening postponed for the time being

Due to the tragic accident, the Weitersfelden Sports Association decided to postpone the planned cabaret evening with Monika Weinzettl and Gerold Rudle. Gunther Leiner and Ernst Aigner were originally scheduled to show on Friday, June 10. Due to illness, the successful duo Mühlviertler had to cancel and could beat Weinzettl and Rudle for the performance. An alternative date for the appearance of the Viennese couple is now being sought. Information on tickets purchased at 0677/61460914 or

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