Mans Joins Customcells Tübingen

MANZ has acquired a 40 percent stake in Customcells Tübingen GmbH. One focus of the collaboration between the machine maker and the battery cell manufacturer is to develop the production capabilities of lithium-ion battery cells for customers in the aerospace sector.

In addition to battery-powered aviation, existing relationships with custom cell customers in the automotive and electronics industries will be expanded, both companies announced. It was agreed not to disclose the financial details of the participation.

Important: Manz is affiliated with Customcells Tübingen and not the Customcells group itself, and Customcells has locations in Tübingen and Itzehoe. The group of companies owns a stake in the Cellforce joint venture with Porsche. As is known, Cellforce is building its battery production in the inter-municipal economic zone in Reutlingen-Nord / Kirchentellinsfurt, where Manz AG is also headquartered.

However, the focus of the collaboration is on battery cells for use in aviation. As stated in the customs declaration, cooperation with MANZ will help increase the production capabilities of the aviation sector in the future. This includes setting up a pilot production facility. First of all, Manz creates its own development environment for new cell production concepts in the rooms adjacent to Customcells Tübingen.

MANZ systems are one of the most popular production machines in the field of cell production, especially for cell contact systems. The company doesn’t just supply battery startups like Britishvolt and InoBat. Mans is also building BMW’s experimental battery cell production systems in Parsdorf. A week ago, Manz also entered into a partnership with Daimler Truck, according to which the truck and bus manufacturer acquired ten percent of the shares of Manz.

“One focus of the collaboration with Customcells is to develop the production capabilities of lithium-ion battery cells for customers in the aerospace sector who have particularly high requirements in terms of energy density and battery cell safety,” says Martin Drach, CEO of Manz. “With the pilot production plant being built at Customcells in Tübingen, we are creating an environment in which we can develop new cell and plant concepts for growth industries like this.”

The stated goal is to support Customcells’ customers in increasing their production capabilities through operations that were initially jointly developed on a smaller scale. “We bring the best of both worlds together. This move will help us make our production more efficient, reduce service times and significantly reduce the scrap rate by constantly monitoring process stability,” says Leopold König, Co-Founder of Customcells and CEO of Customcells Tübingen GmbH. “We can test new processes and systems in direct use and we have the technical expertise for that directly on site. This solidarity is unique in the industry and will serve as a role model.”,

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