Leaking Wheel Brake Cylinder: Restore, Prices, Signs!

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subordinate wheel brake cylinder It is a separate component of the drum brake. It is a popular alternative to disc brakes. However, in cars today, this is only found in the small car segment. This type of construction occurs only on the rear axle. The wheel brake cylinder serves to ensure pressure in the brake system (inside the brake cylinder) on the brake shoes, on which the brake pads are located, . is moved. By the way, you should not confuse the wheel brake cylinder with the brake master cylinder. This is also the case with disc brake systems. If the driver depresses the brake pedal, it transmits pressure with the help of the brake booster and brake fluid through the brake lines to the brakes of the respective wheels. When it comes to TÜV because the next major inspection has come, for example, wheel brake cylinder leaks are often noted. Talking about possible wheel brake cylinder leaks and the final cost of repairing the defect can be found below.

Symptoms and signs

  • The car is pulled to the side because the piston in the wheel brake cylinder is stuck
  • The car only brakes on one side
  • Brake cylinder lose brake fluid
  • Spotting on the ground due to brake fluid leaking

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Should you continue driving if the wheel brake drum is defective?

number, you do not have to. You should go to the nearest auto repair shop. The problem will be professionally eliminated there. Finally, a defective wheel brake drum leads to reduced braking performance. The car can also swerve left or right when braking. So safety is severely restricted when driving. Brake fluid leaks are also harmful to the environment. It is better to leave the car in place and call the towing service. The risk of something happening during a short drive to the workshop is simply too great. While waiting for the truck, you can pass the time with an online game on your smartphone. With Ice Casino No Deposit Bonus for use at IceCasino, the amusement is completely free and is the perfect pastime. Do you get the general inspection sticker despite the wheel brake cylinder leak? numberYou failed the main exam. Do not get TÜV because there is a serious safety defect.

Replace or replace your leaking wheel brake drum!

First, the drum brakes are fully opened. On many cars, the wheel bearing must be disassembled first. The suspicion is then usually confirmed and leakage identified. Now you are removing the brake shoes and brake lining. It is now possible to replace the wheel brake cylinder. Sometimes it makes sense to replace the brake sole and brake lining (worn parts) with new ones right away. If everything is done correctly, the brake cylinder is reassembled. If the brake pads are changed, this must be done Always axis by axis Not just on one wheel.

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very important: In the end, basic adjustment of the parking brake must be carried out so that the vehicle brakes are identical on both sides and the brake system must bleed.

Wheel brake cylinder replacement cost:

On the rear axle with drum brakes, one brake drum with two brake discs and brake linings is installed on each wheel. If only a leaky wheel brake drum needs to be replaced, the materials will cost from 20 to 100 euros. However, since it makes sense to replace brake shoes with brake pads directly, and this change must always be made on axle by axle, additional material costs of 40-100 euros can be planned for brake shoes and pads. A workload of 1 to 1.5 hours costs an additional 100 to 150 euros. Thus, total costs are between 160 and 350 euros to replace a leaking wheel brake drum by changing the brake shoes/linings for each hub on drum brakes.

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