Land Rover Vary Rover 01/1996 on the market at a value of 24,500 euros

Information in German:
This is a great classic Land Rover Range Rover 2.5 TDI since 1996. It was the last year Land Rover sold the classic Range Rover. This example has a tasteful color scheme and is equipped with a manual gearbox.

The car was delivered new in Spain and thanks to the warm climate it has a very solid body and chassis. Sheet metal parts look clean and fit. The car stands on original aluminum wheels with good Michelin tires of the right size. The paint has already been repainted once for cosmetic reasons and makes a good impression with only minor signs of wear. All things like window and door seals and lighting are well maintained.

The interior of the car is beautiful from the inside. The seats are upholstered in velor and the carpet is also in good condition. It is also noted that this car is equipped with air conditioning, convertible all-wheel drive, and a leather steering wheel. The carpet and trunk liner are also in good condition and show that this car has never seen a rough life. The seat upholstery also looks good depending on the vehicle’s age and mileage.

The technology has been very well maintained over the years. The engine works great. The four-line diesel engine generates 111 hp and is mated to the aforementioned five-speed manual gearbox. Until then, the Range Rover had been praised for its good driving characteristics both on and off road, and this car hadn’t had to make any compromises since 1996. The car still runs as you’d expect from a Range Rover.

The car is equipped with a complete folder on board. In short, a very cool Range Rover Classic with the lovable 2.5 TDI engine.

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Information in German:
We were able to get this awesome 1996 Land Rover Range Rover 2.5 TDI classic. This was the last year that Land Rover sold the classic Range Rover. This handmade example is furnished in a tasteful color scheme.

The car was originally supplied in Spain and, thanks to the warm climate, has retained a very solid body and chassis. Precision-maintained working plate has correct alignment. The car stands on its original high-quality steel rims, and Michelin tires of the right size. The car has respirators and appears very well with only minor signs of normal use. All things like window rubber, doors and lighting were well maintained.

The interior of the car is beautiful from the inside. The seats have plush upholstery and the carpet is very elegant. Furthermore, the car has air conditioning, selectable all-wheel drive, and a leather-wrapped steering wheel. The condition of the carpet and trunk liner shows that this car has survived a heavy life. Even the condition of the seat upholstery still looks smart given the car’s age and mileage.

The car has been well maintained over time. So the engine still runs smoothly. The 111 hp flat-top diesel engine is connected to the aforementioned 5-speed manual gearbox. The Range Rover has been praised for its on-road and off-road performance, and as far as this car is concerned it hasn’t lost any of that ability since 1996. This car runs exactly as you’d expect from a Range Rover.

The car comes with af

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