Hannover Messe focuses on Good Manufacturing facility

Among other things, solutions for an indoor science will be presented at the Hannover Fair. (Photo: Hannover Fair, SEW Eurodrive)

Festo uses a well-known innovative human cancer technology

At Festo, one stand out clearly in the booth: an antenna cubot. For this, the well-known piezo technology is used, which uses certain crystal properties under voltage, instead of an electric drive. Although the kubot, due to its direct transmission, with High sensitivity, light weight and affordable price for small businesses, CEO confirms Oliver Young: It will not directly replace other pneumatic drives. Each leadership has its own advantages.” In the case of Festo cobot, this also includes easy operation, integrated control that saves space, reduces communication energy and precise collaboration with people.

Additionally, the company’s regional battery production is a focal topic, Young explains. With the right Festo solutions, semi-automated production processes should become fully automated in the future – from the production of battery cells to the assembly of electric motors. In addition to copper, zinc and nickel free automation products, pneumatic rotary actuators or control and automation system CPX-E-CEC, which produces networks in the sense of digital twin for full data acquisition and component tracking, Festo also handles data analysis itself Festo . Automation Experience (Festo AX) uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to extract maximum value from system data thus increasing productivity, reducing energy costs and avoiding downtime or loss of quality. “The main advantage in the market is that our software also makes it possible to reliably analyze ingredients from other manufacturers.”like this Oliver NessieHead of Digital Business.

This is how Dorry in the paint shop thinks of the future

Together with its IT affiliates iTAC and Dualis, Dürr presents three use cases. Since the product diversity increases and the individualization of Taking traditional coating lines to their limits, the factory manufacturer will first introduce its concept of flexible manufacturing. With the integration of driverless transportation systems, the control software ensures efficient use of all paint booths. Second, the company will be DXQenergy management Before. It should enable centralized monitoring of energy consumption through detailed analysis of individual consumption.

Third, Dürr submits a file DXQanalyzeProduct family Comprehensive recording of all available process data. Analysis using artificial intelligence and machine learning aims to discover potential errors or quality problems in real time. It’s a kind of fast way to transfer data that collects datasets and delivers them elsewhere, he explains Patrick Waters, product manager at iTAC in the Manufacturing Execution System division. With off-the-shelf units for quality management, battery production and other application areas, machine downtime will be prevented and optimal maintenance times can be determined.

Smart Factory KL demonstrates co-production

Many companies have suffered or are still experiencing production losses due to the conflict in Ukraine. In such situations, the Smart Factory Kaiserslautern displays the production island at the Hannover Fair. The technology initiative is called the concept of sustainable and flexible production of the future production level 4 titled. The fully networked co-production is illustrated by a typical truck configuration. The live broadcast can be used to watch the moving machines at other production sites It is set once the command is released. A remote quality controller is also used based on the image data. “In co-production, not everything has to be automated. It should make our lives easier by replacing set arrangement with a data-driven component matching between product and machine, thus enabling a skill-based manufacturing network.”the protester manager comments Patrick Bertram.

Fraunhofer virtualizes robot control

Presented in the Fraunhofer IPT . Suite Niles King, Head of Production Measurement Technology, 5G Edge Cloud using a so-called Juggler. An example of an adaptively controlled board that flawlessly manipulates a table tennis ball using real-time wired and wireless communication and image processing demonstrates the application of Edge Cloud for industrial control operations. “We are working on virtualizing bot control”King explains. Fraunhofer will also introduce new testing methods for (self-driving) vehicles. Jonathan Meltzer, the leader of the control technology group at Fraunhofer LBF, describes the new ring’s camera technology as a necessary interface between simulation and real testing. This project aims to enable safe verification of autonomous vehicles by testing the effects of vibration when driving on the functionality of camera-based sensor systems.

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