Google Pixel 7: the prototype appeared on Ebay

Unexpectedly, Google unveiled its new Pixel smartphones in early May 2022. The Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro both feature a revised design and a new processor. But it’s still a little early for the really big joy, because new cell phones won’t appear until fall 2022. For fans, this is a long dry period to bridge. Anyone who has surfed Ebay in the past few days has already had a chance to get a Pixel 7!
Auctions for an American from Texas ended on May 30, 2022. A prototype of the Pixel 7 was offered with a starting price of $450 (about €420). A series of photos shows that he appears to own the new Google smartphone. The Verge website called the provider and asked where the device came from. According to his own statements, he had bought it from a wholesaler without knowing what it was about. Only then did he find out that he had acquired a prototype of the Google Pixel 7.

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The Ebay seller also owns the Pixel 7 Pro

According to one of the screenshots, the device bears the model number GVU6C and is equipped with 128GB of internal memory. According to The Verge, no further details were found on the show. So there’s nothing you see in the photos that Google’s official photos don’t reveal. The phone vendor confirmed to The Verge that he also owns the Google Pixel 7 Pro. In fact, the smartphone can be seen in one photo as a reflection on the body of the Pixel 7. However, the device was sold at a separate auction.

Anyone upset by a missed opportunity should keep their eyes open. Pixel 7 auction ended with no bid. It is very likely that the provider will turn off the device again – even if the sale of a prototype could result in a criminal offence. According to The Verge, Google has not yet responded to a request for information.

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