Free repairs for Corona victims

‘Rock stars in cars’ start solidarity action Free repairs for Corona victims

Through a nationwide campaign, about 50 independent garages want to help financially struggling businesses and people from their area who depend on their cars. Parts suppliers are joining now, too.

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“Car Rockstars” about Robert Mears (center) are providing free car repairs to people affected by Corona through the Together We Are Strong campaign.

(Photo: Robert Mears)

About 50 independent workshops show solidarity: they provide their services free of charge in the national campaign “Together we are strong”. By offering to help, they want to support those who have been financially affected by the coronavirus pandemic and who depend on their car, according to a press release. This means closed local businesses and stores, or employees who work short time or who have become unemployed.

“We make the service free, but we would be happy to receive a voucher, for example, from subsidized entrepreneurs,” explains Marcel Casselmann from Hagen, who is participating in the solidarity campaign with his workshop. Getting to know car assistants could consist of a meal, a haircut, or a workout at the gym, for example. The owner of the car must pay for spare parts only. Here, however, many spare parts suppliers and residents have already joined the campaign with various donations.

The initiators, who call themselves “car rock stars,” want to help weather the crisis in this way; They are there for the people and businesses in their immediate vicinity. The group was founded by Berlin Workshop instructor Robert Merz in 2019. Merz is convinced that only people who really need this help will get in touch with them. “Otherwise it won’t work. We won’t get through this time well unless we all show our solidarity,” Merz said.

Automotive entrepreneur Oliver Keck has successfully marketed himself and his workshop on the social media platform Facebook.

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