The way to clear the plastic components of the automotive!

2021 Audi RS 3 Sedan RS3 Sportback Interior 4

A clean and tidy car, inside and out, makes a good impression on passengers and colleagues. It also preserves the value of the car and resists deterioration. Removing dirt and stones from seats and mats is one thing, but that’s too plastic roofs It should be clean and attractive. So we will tell you how to clean the plastic parts, without Residues or dull surfaces remain.

Car Interior Cleaning Instructions 1


  1. Carefully and without scratching the plastic surfaces from dead flies, crumbs, leaves and dirt to free. The included brush protects against scratches in the plastic. Before deep cleaning, remove coarse particles from small cavities, glove box, and other plastic parts.
  2. with wet cloth or soft feather duster Dust can be removed. Hard-to-reach places such as the gear lever, handbrake, radio or narrow ports can be lightened with a little paint brush accessible.
  3. If the plastic is thick, rough and textured in certain areas, a stiffer material should be used a brush to be used. In order not to scratch the plastic, the brush should not be too hard.
  4. Spray a small area with a private space Plastic cleaner or cockpit cleaner Wipe off the cleaning agent with a dry cloth. Use a clean cloth only to avoid spreading dirt.
  5. The cleaning solution removes not only dirt, but also remnants of wax or the protective layer from any previous cleaning. The current protective film should suffice easily.
  6. After that, the same areas can be used again slightly Protective wax or polish Polished, always with a clean cloth. Apply the polish to the material with more intense pressure so that it is well absorbed.
  7. don’t overdo it printing pressso that no fundamental changes occur and ugly areas remain.
  8. When working with wax it can be small a brush Wax residues may be needed to remove textured or tight areas.
  9. Wipe off the plastic surfaces once a week With a clean cloth or feather duster so the dust can be removed immediately. This way, the plastic remains beautifully shiny and well-groomed until the next cleaning procedure.
  10. Been completed.

advice: plan around every two months Thorough cleaning of the plastic surfaces of your car. If the climate is very humid and high, you should clean it intensively every month for proper care of the plastic and to prevent stubborn dirt from forming in the first place.

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