The photo voltaic automotive can now be pre-ordered for 6000 euros

The transition to electric mobility is a major challenge for established car manufacturers, on the one hand, they have to invest billions in new driving technology. On the other hand, there is always a risk that new firms will excite the market. The most famous example: the electric car pioneer Tesla, which never sold a car with a combustion engine, but today offers more electric cars than any other manufacturer. In Germany too, many startups have tried to change the market in new ways. The Ego.Life was supposed to be a particularly affordable city car, while the Sion promised additional power through integrated solar cells. Dutch startup Squad Mobility now offers a combination of these two approaches. The solar car developed by engineers is extremely small: it is 2 meters long, 1.20 meters wide, and only 1.60 meters high. In addition, the maximum speed in the basic version is only 45 kilometers per hour.

Photo: Squad Mobility

The cheapest version without any windows at all

These numbers don’t seem impressive at first. However, the newly developed car also has a number of advantages. Most notable is the fact that finding a parking space is no longer a problem, even in crowded inner cities. In addition, a driver’s license is not required. Alternatively, a motorcycle driver’s license is sufficient. This can theoretically be obtained at the age of 15. Thus, salespeople from Squad Mobility can handle target groups that are still inaccessible to classic car manufacturers. Especially for young people, the very low price should also help. The “normal” variant of the vehicle costs only €6,250 excluding taxes. However, the buyer then has to do without windows in the doors. Alternatively, the doors can be removed completely if necessary. If you don’t want to do without windows, you only pay €7050 before taxes for the “Pioneer Edition”. In terms of price, the company wants to position itself inferior to similar cars such as Renault Twizy.


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Passenger safety is guaranteed

The Squad Mobility can be charged with any standard socket. One battery charge is enough to cover about fifty kilometers. On sunny days, the integrated solar cells also provide an additional range of about twenty kilometers. Those who opt for the €9,300 “Signature Edition” get a second battery pack and can store more solar energy directly. It is important for engineers to stress that the safety of the vehicle’s occupants is also guaranteed. The seats have a classic three-point harness. There is also an aluminum cage and rear shock protection. According to current plans, production of an inexpensive solar car should begin next year. If you want to be delivered as quickly as possible, you can already pre-order on the startup website. But be careful: the deposit is due, which varies depending on the option chosen.

Via: Electrek

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