Lancia Delta Integrale Safarista: Automobili Amos builds an off-road restomod

Automobili Amos releases a Safari-style version of the Lancia Delta Integrale 16V with a wide body and several racing technologies.

Lancia fan Eugenio Amos builds the Futurista based on the Delta HF 16V – and some lucky customers have now received the concept car in 2018. Amos also wants to follow the current trend and offer classic cars as electric roadsters. So he’s already developed an electric delta – but he hasn’t delivered it yet. He is now in the process of launching a safari rally variant called Safarista by Futurista. He would like to make the car in a limited edition.

Automobili Amos

Two racing bucket seats were installed in the ruined interior.

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For Safarista, Amos exchanges over 1,000 parts – and brand new parts are added. Newly manufactured rims by a redesigner and a self-designed body kit make the Italian sports car noticeably wider. In addition to the wide body, there are also self-styled swing panels at the front and rear and contrasting terracotta facades. The bottom is covered with a perforated plate. It is not yet known if Amos will equip Safarista with a carbon fiber chassis. He chose this option for the Futurista – a sheet-metal body that is relatively easy to proportion and might also fit a rally wagon.

Automobili Amos Lancia Delta Integrated Safari

Automobili Amos

A full spare wheel is housed in the carbon rear tub.

damaged interior

In the ruined interior of the three-door car, two racing seats were installed, which were equipped with six-point belts – undoubtedly, at least visually, they are suitable for gatherings. Of course, the roll cage protects the occupants as well. There are also racing pedals, a flat-bottom quick-release steering wheel, control buttons typical of racing cars and an instrument display on the steering column. A full spare wheel is housed in a carbon trough in the rear area.

Automobili Amos Lancia Delta Integrated Safari

Automobili Amos

With all-wheel drive, the Lancia Delta Integrale Safarista should be able to handle asphalt, sand and snow well.

Lots of racing techniques

Under the independent front bonnet is an engine modified by Autotecnica Motori from Casalmaggiore, 24 kilometers northeast of Parma. In self-promotion, Autotecnica prides itself on running around the clock on the fastest engines – but no specific unit values ​​are known yet. Improved cooling, a K&N sport air filter, and race differentials should ensure good driving data. The motor is mated to a sequential gearbox. In addition, the Safarista is equipped with an adjustable racing chassis, hydraulic handbrake, racing brakes, a racing-specific reservoir, and a fire extinguisher.

Automobili Amos builds a maximum of ten copies of the Lancia Delta Integrale 16V Safarista. Prices start at 678,300 euros, delivery is scheduled for 2023/2024.

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amazing. Classic design with modern technology – the perfect combination.

terrible. The old car should reflect the latest model of the time.

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The Lancia Delta Integrale 16V has not lost any of its charm to this day: 200 hp, which is 47 percent forward and 53 percent backward on a non-slip road surface, guarantees driving pleasure even after 30 years.

Automobili Amos is now transforming the Delta Integrale into a modern racing machine with a wide body look, a burnt-out interior and an advanced engine, and the manufacturer hasn’t revealed any data yet. The Italians will release a maximum of ten copies of the wonderful vehicles. Automobili Amos quells a potential customer rush with a starting price of €678,300.

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