Is there a proper to lose the good thing about extended repairs?

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Is there a right to lose the benefit of prolonged repairs? This is not a completely unjustified question. which must now be clarified. The answer is: You may be entitled to compensation for loss of use if your vehicle is damaged after An accident through no fault of your own it hase been repaired. Another question: Should I hire another workshop if the repair takes too long? People who are injured because of no fault of their own Legal obligation to mitigate damages. No one who fulfills this obligation shall have to expect that they will be entitled to loss of use unacceptable. For example when repair It takes longer than expected. This is evidenced by a ruling of the Bautzen District Court (Reference: 21 C 570/20), on which the ADAC depends. In this case it was a motorist Through no fault of their own Involvement in an accident. The damaged vehicle was taken to a workshop after the repair permit was approved.

Claim for loss of use

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However, since this was late, the concerned person requested reimbursement of costs for the two-month period during which he was unable to use his property. opposing insurance company But he refused to pay. According to the insurance company, the extremely long repair time will be “Breach of the duty to mitigate damagesAccording to the opposing insurance company, the aggrievedNeed to go to another workshopThe situation eventually had to be settled in court. The driver was right. He had requested information from the workshop on a weekly basis about the current state of affairs and requested that the reform be completed as soon as possible. The workshop subsequently informed him that completion is still ongoing due to COVID-related delivery delays. According to the court will Does not make sense, in this case to look for another way to fix. Thus, the insurance had to cover the full cost of the loss of use take over.

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