How the disabled are altering the automobile commerce

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How the disabled are changing the vehicle trade

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A number of online-only car dealerships position themselves as competitors for this trade. At Auto Action Days on June 21 and 22, speakers will show the risks these market players pose and how individual car dealerships are responding with their special offers.

Martin Osterberger-Seitz, general manager of the Kimpton-based Seitz Group, will speak at Auto Action Day 2022 at the “Disrupt” block about how his company is increasingly digitizing sales in order to make retailing sustainable.

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Cazoo, Carnext & Co.: Online dealers like these make buying a car a new customer experience. He can buy used cars directly online from companies like these, possibly finance them and have them delivered to his door. Which classic car dealership offers such services today? In any case, online retailers are anticipating strong growth in the business. But in light of the developments surrounding these companies, skepticism about the chances of success is also appropriate.

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Dr. At Auto Action Days 2022, Martin Ashter, Head of Administration and Trade at “kfz-betrieb”, will give an overview of what disruptive factors are currently being put into car sales and in what form. What promises do you make to the customer? What market opportunities do you calculate? How are companies financially positioned? Other speakers will also talk about questions like this during the “disruption” block on auto business days.

Two traders present how they are re-adjusting their own business in the face of such market players. In the Kempten-based group of Seitz car dealerships, for example, the expansion of online business is a high strategic priority: the family business has clearly separated online sales from classic sales and is not just doing everything possible to professionalize digital operations. With Seitz Online, it has also developed its own online car dealership, which already employs more than ten people and is constantly expanding.

The Seitz Group now markets about ten percent of its new cars online, and for used cars, more starts digitally than every second purchase. Cars are delivered directly to the customer’s home. In his best practices presentation, Managing Director Martin Osterberger-Seitz describes why he decided to take this strategic approach, what experiences he has had with the online car dealership and what plans he has.

Auto business days also address auto subscriptions. There is still an air of rush for gold in the market. Startups outside the industry in particular are now engaging in their own digital platforms. Hyundai Heinemann car dealership, headquartered in Salzgitter, no longer wants to stand still and has developed its own platform with Dasabomobile.

Car dealerships don’t just use this to offer their own cars as a subscription for one or more days. The platform is also open to all retailers who want to run the subscription business themselves. In his presentation, Operations Director Jürgen Kolodzig not only examines the functionality of the subscription platform, but also explains the opportunities it opens up for car dealerships.

Future strategies for car sales and service in the world of digital mobility

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on it Auto working days In Würzburg you can find out June 21 and 22 2022 All about the latest developments in sales, service and digitization in the automobile trade. Practical examples from car dealerships and workshops, but also from the field of manufacturers’ organizations, show you how the industry is adapting to tomorrow’s trends and how new concepts are being implemented. big Industry Fair completes the show.

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The first edition of Auto Action Days, which provides professionals from the automobile trade and networked knowledge from all business areas of the automobile industry from a single source, will take place in Würzburg on June 21-22 – including a major industrial party. The new event is supported by partners Bank Deutsches Kfzgewerbe, CG Car-Garantie Versicherungs-AG, Loco-Soft, and TÜV Nord Mobility.

Celebrity speakers from car workshops, manufacturers, and other players in the industry will show in two stages how auto workshops can change classics in order to stay fit for change in the automotive industry. The big industrial fair concludes with services related to car dealership business and workshops on the days of the event.

The first day of the conference will deal specifically with new areas of business for agencies, with digital concepts of car sales and mobility offers from dealers, but also with IT security issues. The second day of the conference focuses on the aftermarket business and its digitization. The full program can be found online here.

Another highlight of the event is the presentation of the New Automotive Business Awards, which honor dealer strategies and beacon projects in the areas of sales, service and digitization. This will take place on the evening of June 21 and will culminate in a large industrial ceremony for all conference participants.

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