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Lightweight construction is high on the spec list of many motorcycles. MOTORRAD shows models who just laugh about it.

In the diverse crew of the heaviest motorcycles currently available in Germany, there is not a single athlete, a naked bike or anything from a touring angle. Only big boys and girls are allowed to play here. 300 kilograms is the minimum required, although this mass only yawns from the heaviest motorcycle.

Harley CVO Tri Glide – 577 kg

Over a ton of powerful American engineering is currently the heaviest motorcycle: the CVO version of the Harley trike. 577 kg ready to drive on all three wheels. Payload is approximately 200kg, so up to 777kg must be transported by the 1923cc and 169Nm twin.

Harley Davidson

Harley CVO Limited – 428 kg

Weighing in at 428 kilograms ready to drive, the Harley-Davidson CVO Limited looks almost delicious, even though it has only two wheels and can still be loaded with 189 kilograms. Payload can become scarce here and there when the pilot and passenger are joined by baggage and up to 617 kilograms must be carried. Engine: the popular twin with 1,923 cc and 166 Nm.

BMW R 18 Intercontinental – 427 kg

After all, the new BMW R18 crossover weighs 427 kilograms less in the basic configuration. It is not known how many kilograms the weight will add as a result of the additional luxury equipment. The Bavarian super tourer can still load 203 kilograms, and the 1,802 cc and 155 Nm boxer should be able to handle that with ease.

Indian Pursuit Limited

New to the market and new to the scale: Indian Pursuit Limited. It’s like a competitor with more storage and equipment space. That makes the needle spin: At 416 kilograms ready to ride, like the Pursuit, it’s 35 kilograms more than the Challenger. It can still load 212 kilograms, which in total means one of the heaviest two-wheeled vehicles that can be driven today. The water-cooled V2 engine has a power of 1768 cu, 121 hp and 178 Nm.

Indian Roadmaster Limited – 403 kg

The Indian Roadmaster Limited exemplifies the classic solid American build, and with “only” 403kg ready to drive, it’s clear to steer clear of the top three weights. For this, you can load 235 kg and your weight is a maximum of 638 kg. Powered by a V-Twin 1890 cc engine, with a power of 171 Nm.

Limited Edition Indian Jack Daniel's Indian Roadmaster Dark Horse


Gold Wing Tour – 390 kg

It takes an optional DCT transmission and a unique airbag system to upgrade the Honda Gold Ride to the max. So it weighs 390kg ready to drive and still has to carry 203kg. With a maximum of 593 kg, you will not have the problem of boxing a six-cylinder with 1,833 cc and 170 Nm.

Indian Challenger Limited – 381 kg

The Indian Challenger is the first bike in this series to come in gymnasium size without a top cover. Accordingly, it is light, which seems absurd at 381 kilograms ready to drive. The Indian can also be loaded tightly: 247 kilograms is allowed. The best value, by the way, also in terms of power: the twin with a power of 178 Nm from 1768 cc.

Indian Challenger

Indian, Barry Hathaway

BMW K 1600 GTL – 350 kg

Despite the barge’s appearance, the BMW K 1600 GTL is politely booked in weight at 350 kilograms. It can still load 210 kilograms. A maximum of 560 kg is tuned by six cylinders with 1,649 cc and 175 Nm tight.

Triumph Rocket III GT – 317 kg

Compared to the other mother ships, the 317-kilogram, ready-to-go Rocket III GT looks almost like the sporty yacht of the little enemy in between. It can still load 205 kg. In the context of the trio, 221 Nm of 2,458 cc, the model name is quite appropriate.


It should come as no surprise that most heavy-duty motorcycles are the ones with the most displacement. Wherever a lot of weight has to be moved, it also requires a lot of strength. And where both are high, so is the price. Relationship: Lots of mop for the money, fits. And yes: Harley’s Tri Glide is more of a motorcycle than a tricycle, so it can play here.

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