Deal with your self and change it usually: motorbike upkeep ideas

Motorcycles are generally transported much less than everyday cars

And while the latter is regularly maintained according to plan and regularly in the specialized workshop, the motorcycle often receives little maintenance and care. It doesn’t have to be! Our guide shows you which parts on your motorcycle you should pay special attention to and which parts to replace regularly.

What motorcycle parts should be checked regularly and replaced if necessary?

The motorcycle should also be serviced regularly in a specialized workshop, unless you are a professional in this area yourself. However, you can monitor many things yourself, for example:

Of course, you should – as with your vehicle – also regularly check all fluids on your motorcycle, eg b. Oil, coolant water (if available), brake fluid, etc. They must also be replaced according to the maintenance plan.

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The chain assembly should also be checked regularly: is the chain still tight enough, is it greased enough and are there signs of wear? If so, the chain must be replaced immediately.

Brakes save lives! Therefore, regular checks of the discs and pads should be normal. Take your time and do this before every trip.

Tires have very important functions in every motorcycle, which is why we want to deal with them in detail here. If you switch to tires that are not entered in the vehicle’s documentation, it is recommended that you obtain a safety recommendation from the tire or motorcycle manufacturer. Please always note the air pressure and the general condition of the tyres. Tires that are maintained incorrectly or not maintained at all can quickly become a life hazard, especially for motorcyclists.

Unlike in a car, changing tires on a motorcycle must be done by a professional with the necessary training and equipment. If the tire is installed by a hobbyist without the necessary equipment, visible or invisible damage may occur, which could have serious consequences if the tire is used later. In addition, there is only a specialized workshop that has the necessary equipment for balancing motorcycle tires.

The legal minimum tread depth in Germany is 1.6 mm, after reaching that the tires must be changed, but the earlier the better. The tread depth should be checked regularly, as reducing the tread depth increases the risk of slipping and can therefore be life threatening.

For safety reasons, the air pressure specified by the motorcycle or tire manufacturer must always be strictly adhered to. When driving under air pressure z. B. Tire temperature, the result is severe tire damage. With a heavy load, driving in pairs or longer distances, the air pressure must be adjusted. Notes and more information can also be found in the motorcycle’s operating instructions. It is a feature of checking tire pressure every two weeks.

Especially important: get a suitable motorcycle for the winter holidays!

In order for the motorcycle to start again next spring without any problems, you must prepare it for the winter. Thorough cleaning is recommended before storing the motorcycle in the garage for the winter. Usually it is enough to use water with washing up liquid and a soft sponge. High pressure or steam cleaners should not be used, as the water may push moisture into the bearings and damage them.

It also makes sense to change the oil, and in the case of liquid-cooled motorcycles, replace the coolant. The sprocket and chain should be cleaned and sprayed with a care spray. The battery should be taken out and stored in a dry, cool and frost-free place.

In order to protect the steel tank from corrosion during the winter holidays, it is filled to the brim. On the other hand, aluminum and plastic tanks should be emptied. If possible, also remove fuel from the carburetor so that gasoline does not build up and clog the nozzle.

advice: In order for the tires not to be loaded with the weight of the motorcycle for a long time, the machine must be raised on an assembly stand.

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